'iWatch': Here's what it might look like

'iWatch': Here's what it might look like

Summary: There's been a lot of wild speculation about what Apple's rumored iWatch might look like, but little of it has been grounded in reality. What do we get if we anchor the speculation to actual patent applications filed by Apple?


There's been a lot of wild speculation about what Apple's rumored iWatch might look like, and what the device would be capable of. But little of what's been written so far has been grounded in any form of reality. What do we get if we anchor speculation to actual patent applications filed by Apple?

This is exactly what graphic designer and marketing specialist Nickolay Lamm from MyVoucherCodes has done. He took two patent applications filed by Apple, and combined this with some other information in the public domain, to come up with a possible design for the iWatch.

Here's what Lamm came up with.

(Source: Nickolay Lamm/MyVoucherCodes)

This design has been influenced by two things.

First is a patent application for a "graphical representations of music using varying levels of detail" which explains how a "spiral, helix, map, or any other geometric shape or curve" can be used to display information. However, instead of using it to display music, here it is being used as a way to navigate through apps on a small display.

This input method is reminiscent of the clickwheel present on many of the iPods Apple came out with. Add some force-feedback—vibration and sound—and this woiuld be make it infinitely easier to use.

Lamm based the shape of his iWatch on the Ikepod Geneve Horizon series of wristwatches. Ikepod is co-founded and owned by designer Marc Newson, who is good friends with Apple's Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, Sir Jony Ive.

Lamm also has ideas as to how users might interact with the iWatch.

(Source: Nickolay Lamm/MyVoucherCodes)

This design was influenced by another of Apple's patent applications, this one relating to how the position and layout of apps on the iPhone or iPad can be rearranged on a desktop or notebook using iTunes. It's not much of a leap of the imagination to suggest that an iPhone or iPad could replace the desktop or notebook.

This patent make clear reference to a handheld device being "a smart phone, a mobile computing device, a mobile phone, a portable media player, a watch, etc." Apple clearly had a watch in mind when filing this application.

"The broader point of this patent," Lamm told ZDNet in an email, "is that Apple is looking to make all of its devices work with one another. The iWatch will be just an extension of this goal."

Is this what the iWatch will look like? I have no idea, but these renders represent the first mockup that I've come across that's grounded in reality, and offers food for thought. 

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  • It's an iPhone Tim, but not as we know it


    Do you remember the concepts mooted when the original iPhone rumor first surfaced ? And do you remember seeing the iPhone for the first time and laughing at the pictures splashed all over the magazines a week before launch of a white phone with a jog-wheel ? It’s happening again, only this time with the iWatch.
    • iPod>iPhone>iWatch

      iPod is what kept Apple alive and the iPhone was a great device that guided the world on what a cell phone could do, but the iWatch is a bit of a lazy. It's like Apple is throwing people a bone to keep them away from seeing the real upcoming product. Let's hope this is the case because Apple will no longer be the #1 and will leave the world to Google (always can piggy back on other services) & Microsoft (has more going on than Apple to make money).

      The Google Glass looks more appealing than the iWatch. If you see the Google Glass videos it almost looks like it could replace the smartphone for some people. Most people just text, take pictures/video, make calls, tweet/blog, Google Maps and other simple things that do not require a 4-5" display device, this Google Glass can actually work. And the Google Glass don't look as ridiculous as the Dr Dre Headphones but people still wear those things.
      • Microsoft has more going on to make money than Apple?

        What alternate universe have you been living in the last 10 years? Guess you missed the boat on the stock and you're just angry now, ROFLOL!
  • Yawn

    ya, that's all it's worth of my time.
  • Will not

    be giving up my Rolex for any iWatch. Watches long ago stopped being about telling time and became jewelry. I have a piece of jewelry I wear on my wrist that also tells time. I don't have a spot for the iWatch.
    • Yes, but

      At least the iWatch will tell the time accurately. Probably :)
      • Probably, Maybe Not.

        Never the less a wrist watch would be the lamest Apple idea ever. Unless it is a Pocket Watch. I am not a fashion type guy. I own a Segway. As geeky as I feel riding a Segway, I would not ride my Seqway wearing a computing device on my wrist.

        As far as keeping the correct time, I do not care what time it is. I once cared what time it is so I would know whether to answer the phone good morning or good afternoon. Now I just say Hello. And I wrote an app to show me the position of the sun so I know if it daytime or night time.
    • You don't get it at all

      It's all about the Koolaid.
      • And selling more toys to the faithful.

        The Apple Lemmings will trip all over themselves for this, if & when it ever shows up.

        Bet they could make millions...if not billions...selling iTurds.
        • Sort of like the Microsoft lemming have jumped all over the Windows Phone?

          Oh, that's right nobody's buy them! Nor the Zune, Kiln, Vista, 8... But your still a fanboi right?
  • 'iWatch': Here's what it might look like

    I would hope it looks better than that. Even though its a design concept that is ugly. At least with these iwatch rumors they finally quit posting articles about the iTV.
  • They should avoid the iWatch name

    You know, choose something more descriptive. Something like the iPieceofcrap.
  • RU Kidding?

    If the iWatch looks ANTHING like that, we'll know for sure that Apple is on a downhill slide.
  • Yeah, but will it tell time?

    Just asking.
    William Farrel
    • 364 days of the year

      It won't tell the time on January 1 of any year.
  • So funny to see everyone lap this up

    This is apple's pre-announcement: announcing a product that isn't available for sale, has no price, no release date, can't be tried by journalists, etc.

    This is a vaporware announcement designed to freeze the market. Classic apple. They do this all the time.
    • Didn't Microsoft do exactly that with the release of Surface?

      Be careful the rocks you hurl at others.
      • And they got slammed for it

        This is bad behavior, whether MS does it or apple does it.
        • Sorry Toddy

          Apple hasn't announced anything. It's just a designer speculating as to what might be from a couple of patents.

          And knowing you can be quite fastidious in being correct, can you state what Apple has pre announced? Market and Blogger guesses don't count!
          • You are clearly in the market for a bridge


            How much money you got to spend on the iBridge I have to iSell you?