Jabra adds headset support for Siemens' OpenScape

Jabra adds headset support for Siemens' OpenScape

Summary: Switch from one device to another without losing connection or switching headsets.

Jabra's Motion headset, which will support the standard. (Photo courtesy Jabra)

There are a litany of problems with conducting business calls on the go, but wireless device maker Jabra and Siemens' Enterprise Communications arm seek to solve one of them by partnering to support the latter's OpenScape Mobile Call Swipe feature, which allows you to switch devices without losing connection or switching headsets.

Here's how it works: with a swipe, you can move a voice conversation from an office phone or laptop to a mobile device. It's all part of the "unified communications" trend that essentially aims — through technological cooperation — to make conversations about who you're talking to, not how you're talking to them.

Jabra's Holger Reisinger says that the feature is "solving a longstanding, low-tech challenge for mobile workers, moving from the office to the car without having to interrupt the call to change device," but I wonder how pervasive this problem really is. Is seamless device switching a nice-to-have feature, or is it really solving a productivity-killing issue at the office?

Just how inconvenient is it to ask someone to call you back?

Topics: Unified Comms, Hardware

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  • Great, more things to bring from office to the car and be distracted

    Seriously, if the call is that important, then have the conversation at the office/home or reschedule it. Why bring the call from your office to your CAR! This is just what we needed, more distracted driver on the road.

    I know in this 'must have nownownow' society that we somehow ended up being in, something must get done right away and nothing else should postpone it. But really, more distracted driver??? Come on people.
    • I disagree with the notion of 'distraction'

      ...since this could just as well make it less distracting, using a headset instead of a pocket-sized phone.

      But either way, your first point stands: if it's that important, should you really be on the go?