Japan ups consumer broadband ante to 2Gbps: Report

Japan ups consumer broadband ante to 2Gbps: Report

Summary: So-net, a Sony-backed ISP in Japan, has launched a 2Gbps service for AU$50 per month.

TOPICS: NBN, Telcos, Australia, Japan

While Australians are busy arguing whether 25 megabits per second (Mbps), 50Mbps, or 100Mbps delivered by the National Broadband Network (NBN) is "more than enough" for the country, a Japanese internet service provider (ISP) has launched a new 2Gbps service, as reported by PCWorld.

The price for this 2Gbps down, 1 Gbps up service on So-net, a Sony-backed ISP in Japan, comes in at AU$50 per month on a two-year contract, with an AU$525 installation fee.

Not only is this service 80 times faster than the Coalition's 25Mbps initial minimum speed for its version of the NBN, it also eclipses the 1Gbps maximum offered by the current incarnation of NBN Co, and leaves gigabit Ethernet in its wake.

Compared to the average Australian broadband connection of 4.3Mbps, the Japanese offering clocks in at a zippy 465 times faster.

The theoretical limit of the So-net service is reported to be 2.488Gbps downstream.

Japanese fibre rollout is also without the associated problems of needing access to another telco's ducts — imagine Telstra or Optus trying to string up a series of poles like NTT does.

Topics: NBN, Telcos, Australia, Japan


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  • Just think if Abbotts network gets implemented the majority of Australians will be stuck on 25mbps with a half arsed network not even capable of 100mbps while the rest of the world moves forward with forward thinking projects like this. In such a scenario sometime in the future I'll think back to a time when Australia was mostly intelligent and had ambition like when we took on America won the cup... Then I'll look at our prime minster Abbott and think wow, what a contrast.
    Hubert Cumberdale
  • Gee Richard look... the Japanese

    must be like those kids over at Delimiter, who just want faster downloads of porn and games, because 25Mbps is enough for us (TA said, so...) well it is Sony after all too, eh?
    • Yes. 25mbps is enough for four HD porn streams just like Abbott said but there is no reason why taxpayers should foot the bill for his porn addiction. If Abbott and anyone else wants that they should pay for nodes to be installed in their streets themselves. This is a more sensible solution than forcing everyone to use their network whether they need it or not.
      Hubert Cumberdale
      • perhaps you are

        very brave with your post, those comments may be getting close to becoming a legal problem for you!!
        Blank Look
        • How so? There's no need to have a hissy fit visionary, Abbott was talking about four HD video streams in his presentation of their "plan", I can assume since coalition supporters are preoccupied with porn when talking about the NBN that Abbott was also talking about porn too. Seriously, why does one person need to watch four porn streams at once? In such a scenario it would be safe to say it is an addiction. btw it's not illegal to be addicted to porn so if Abbott is then I don’t think many will care.
          Hubert Cumberdale
          • ok but it

            maybe a civil matter if you tarnish the reputation of someone especially on a public forum. Up to you though.
            Blank Look
          • visionary I don't know for sure if Abbott is addicted to porn at the end of the day what he does with his 25mbps connection his business but the thing is Abbott once called the NBN a "video entertainment system" and then goes on to hype his own plan saying it will do four HD video steams. I think porn falls into the "video entertainment" category. If some assume people want faster speeds for porn on one network then why cant we assume people want faster speeds for porn on another network? Assumptions may be ridiculous in both cases but don't blame me, I'm honestly just trying to be consistent.
            Hubert Cumberdale
    • So move to Japan

      You can download your porn 8 times faster.

      Now that's a productivity gain!
      • Yes

        What was it you said... oh that's right

        "The NBN is great"!
      • I'm Back

        Just to promote Tony's FTT No fraudband policies!
  • Abbott stars in planet of the apes

    Watching Tony delivering speeches to the apes, notice his gestural eloquence, the manicured hand waving and fist thrusts. it's a true reminder of humanities past from millions of years ago.
    Internet, no wonder it means nothing to him he's still primarily communicating with gestures.
    Kevin Cobley