JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker for Nokia Lumia (review)

JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker for Nokia Lumia (review)

Summary: There are some great accessories from Nokia for the Lumia line and the JBL PowerUp speaker is the high end speaker that provides NFC and Qi wireless charging functionality.

TOPICS: Mobility, Nokia, Reviews

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  • Rubber feet and product info

  • Enjoying music with the JBL while charging the Lumia 920

Topics: Mobility, Nokia, Reviews

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  • Good rundown of the specs

    This is a good rundown of the specs and how it works, but where's the actual review of the unit? How does it sound? How's the bass? Seems like some nice hardware. Are there any downsides (besides the price... that's pretty hefty for speakers)?
  • Rhu Rho

    Now you will have the Apple gang all feverishly searching for an 'APP' that will be at least able to compete with this. Of course they won't be able to find one and from now on your name will be 'mud' with them.

    Welcome back from the Dark Side!
    • Apple owner who still bought these JBLs

      I have the iPhone 5 and I still bought these speakers simply because they were the best in that price range. I was able to get a pretty good deal on them from Verizon wireless so I didn't pay $299, but I probably would either way. Add in the wireless charging and NFC for windows owners and this speaker system is amazing. Bass is in the middle of the pack but these suckers can get very loud. JBL came out with a solid product. Much better then that jambox (although the JBLs have to stay plugged into a wall)
  • What happens if Line-In has a signal AND Bluetooth has a signal?

    Let's say I'm listening to the Jazz Romance Rhapsody channel using a 3.5mm male jack plugged into the Line-In connector on the JBL PowerUp and a Sonos CONNECT:AMP, and then my mobile phone which is already paired, gets into Bluetooth range playing Talking Heads "Life During Wartime".

    What sweet music will emerge from the JBL PowerUp?