Jetstar iPad hands on: photos

Jetstar iPad hands on: photos

Summary: Jetstar held its inaugural iPad flight from Auckland to Melbourne yesterday, surprising its passengers with the use of Apple's tablet for free.

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  • (Credit: CBSi)

    Once the iPad loads up, you're told to enter your flight number as the password.

  • (Credit: CBSi)

    Passengers must agree to Jetstar's conditions of use. Customers will be held responsible if they have wilfully damaged the device, which includes physical damage and software tampering.

    All iPads will also have an RFID tag installed in the tablet's case, which will be non-removable to prevent theft, and can be tracked by flight attendants to ensure that all devices are returned at the end of each flight. Protection software has been installed as well, to prevent content from being stolen.

  • (Credit: CBSi)

    Under the movie section, there were three sub-categories: Australian, Hollywood and Japanese movies.

Topics: Apple, iPad, Travel Tech

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