John McAfee returns to security to create own secure internet

John McAfee returns to security to create own secure internet

Summary: Described by Foxs News as the 'Tony Stark of the internet', John McAfee is preparing to announce how he will create a better, more secure internet.

TOPICS: Security

John McAfee is returning to the information security industry with a promise to create a new version of the internet that is impossible to hack.

After only recently openly criticising the antivirus company that he founded and exited from, McAfee told the San Jose Mercury that he would return to Silicon Valley sporting new technology.

He told the Mercury that his version of the internet would be "impossible to hack, impossible to penetrate, and vastly superior in terms of its facility and neutrality".

McAfee was described by the Mercury as being his typical "tantalizing and elusive" self by refusing to answer exactly what his proposal is, but he said that it would be a decentralised, moving internet that would solve all security concerns. He is expected to announce exactly what his idea is at the C2SV conference in San Jose, California, on Saturday.

McAfee had been subject to what he called a "nationwide manhunt" after he was suspected of being connected to the death of a US expatriate who lived near him in Belize. He is also alleged to have faked a heart attack after unexpectedly turning up in Guatemala and having his request for asylum denied.

Topic: Security

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  • soooo ...

    ... McAfee is going to... umm ... nah, I got nothin' ...
  • Tony Stark of the internet?

    I think he is more like the Britney Spears or Amanda Bynes of the internet. Hit it big, went away, then went nuts in front of the whole world!
  • 100% secure

    There is not, nor there will ever be such thing as 100% secure.
    Lorenzo Von Matterhorn