Judge clears Microsoft in Xbox patent case against Google

Judge clears Microsoft in Xbox patent case against Google

Summary: Microsoft has reason to celebrate being that it just cleared through a patent suit against Google and Motorola Mobility.


In yet another technology patent battle, Microsoft has come out on top against Google and its subsidiary Motorola Mobility in a case related to the Xbox gaming console.

In this particular case, Motorola filed a suit in 2010 with the U.S. International Trade Commission charging that the Redmond, Wash.-based corporation violated its patents related to communication between devices and video decoding.

But ITC Judge David P. Shaw issued a brief but succinct ruling on Friday clearing Microsoft -- at least at this level in the case.

No word if there will be an appeal yet, but a Google spokesperson told Bloomberg that the Mountain View, Calif. company is looking forward to "full Commission’s review."

For now, here is Microsoft's statement regarding today's ruling from David Howard, corporate vice president and deputy general counsel at Microsoft:

We are pleased with the Administrative Law Judge’s finding that Microsoft did not violate Motorola’s patent and are confident that this determination will be affirmed by the Commission. The ITC has already terminated its investigation on the other four patents originally asserted by Motorola against Microsoft.

Here's a copy of Shaw's memo as well:

Microsoft v. Motorola Mobility by Rachel King

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  • Google is technologically bankrupt.

    They lost all fight against MS in patent cases. Google tech is mostly stolen, open sourced or pirated. Its a matter of time that MS will put down pirate Google.
    • Owllll1net fanboy

      microsoft very copies, all
      microsoft is one of the companies that should have more patent lawsuits, it copies all
      Henrique Dourado
      • Yeah, right.

        Give me the name of a single tech that was developed in-house at Google? , Duh!!!
        • WHAT

          Its called Progression. Microsoft did the same to apple and apple to unix. Ken Thompson created the bases for all of these os's to play pong . give it up companies needs to blur the lines and work together.
      • Dourado fanboy

        Google very copies, all
        Google is one of the companies that should have more patent lawsuits, it copies all
        William Farrel
        • You three are being stupid.

          ALL technological companies copy each other, whether its through design or functionality.

          This allows them to improve upon what their competition holds.

          Whether it's Apple, Samsung, or Microsoft, this must happen in order for them to grow.
          • Google Caught Bing Stealing Its Search Results

            Google Caught Bing Stealing Its Search Results
            Henrique Dourado
          • microsoft copies all

            microsoft copies all
            windows copies MacOS
            Bing copies Google
            Xbox copies Playstation

            .Net copies JAVA
            MSN Menssanger copies ICQ
            WMP copies Winamp
            Zune copies Ipod
            Windows 8 e WIndows Phone 7 e 8 copia IOS ( sistemas feitos para toque de tela )
            bing maps copies google maps

            The surface is the latest example of Microsoft's inability to innovate. It's laughable how inept they are at innovation. Google probably comes up with more innovation on any/every given day then MS does in a year. MS only responds to the innovation of others, as they have done for many years. They copy and replicate everyone around them, but by the time they do, it's already old news. Things are different now. They are still the biggest boy on the playground, but their 3rd grade approach isn't cutting it with the high school crowd anymore and everybody can see that the 3rd grader might be a little slow in the head. Microsoft reminds me of the Brady movie where every design by Mike Brady was the same 70's look regardless of place or time. Only the Brady movie was funny, MS is just a pathetic factory of sadness. It's like someone stupid has been who keeps trying to get the crowd going on a joke that was only funny 20 years ago. Sad and pathetic.
            Henrique Dourado
          • Someone did there homework

            Good call said the same thing to the dumb dumbs above Crap the bases for all the os's is UNIX they must be microsoft admins
    • Owlnet, with all respect...

      Please STOP posting such silly posts.

      • Google, the saint, bless them :-)

    • WOW

      Whoa, Wait what you say. You accused Google of doing what Jobbs did to Ken Thompson and Unix. And then what Gates did to Jobbs with Windows. You need a lil Richard Stallman in your life . Computer information was designed to be free unix was created to play pong brother. Dont be a sheep. What your saying is dont progress because some one else had the first idea. That sound like a boring world. Your basically saying only the creator can hold the power of progression that insane.
    • Google

      also morally bankrupt, the most corrupt tech company bent on violating every privacy law there is.
  • The H264/MP4 Patent?

    If I am not mistaken, the patents Google are using against Microsoft in this case happens to be the video codec patents, which, after it becomes teh H264 standard, also meant that after you put the patent for use under a standard, it becomes a standard essential patent that you have to license under fair use.

    Motorola asked for 5% of the total sales for all products using a standard essential patents. What do you expect Microsoft to do?
    • Duh

      Counteroffer. Also this is not a standard yet, no?
      • Lets be fair here

        Google doesnt licence here that's the problem. Microsoft licences or in exchange cross licence with company on some of their patents its like owning a farm and having some accessing your land without your permission. At the end of the day who's land is it? Secondly, the patent is an essential standard patent which companies pay around 0.22 cents on each device they make. I think on Xbox the make a little over a 1 mil. Microsoft offered 5m to settle, Google and Motorola formula would make it skyrocket to 4 billion a year when it comes to Xbox and windows os sales. Because they want to get a percentage of microsft annual sales. They feel like the cut of they get in comparison to Microsoft revenue shouldnt be what it charges as an essential patent.
        • Sounds like the deal Google wants from Apple as well.

          Google (through MMI) thinks they should get 2.25% of almost all Apple's gross revenues (anything with cellular or WiFi) AND access to use all of Apple's patents.

          Google does not believe any licensing fee paid to use Android is fair.
        • Sounds a lot like MS shaking down companies for $15/Android device

          Only MS did it first. That makes it self-defense. Seriously, MS has a couple of patents that even if valid cover a small % of the whole of Android OS (based on what B&N outed them as doing), and claims almost as much as they charge OEMs for a full Windows license? And you're defending MS as the white knight here?
      • Oh you didn't know?

        Sorry, H264 is a standard. Heck, probably every type of Video Codec standard falls under fair use standard essential patent. In other words, Motorola/Google also knows that 5% for total sales - yes, which comes to a little less that 4 Billion Dollars (This includes Windows OS sales also) for 4 patents? So how much should you pay Apple? Or how much should Motorola pay Microsoft?

        Not surprised this got called for what it is - A Shakedown attempt.
  • R&D

    Has anyone compared the research and development budgets for MSF and Google?