Just how tough are Dell's ruggedized notebooks?

Just how tough are Dell's ruggedized notebooks?

Summary: Do you need a notebook that can take pretty much anything you can throw at it, or for that matter, throw it at? Yes? Then Dell's Latitude E6420 XFR might be the notebook for you.

TOPICS: Mobility, Dell

Most of us take care of our notebooks, going as far as to baby them by carrying them around in rugged cases or shock-adsorbing sleeves, but sometimes a notebook has to be able to survive harsh conditions without any additional protection. Here's where ruggedized notebooks come into play, and Dell has a selection of hardened notebooks designed to survive the worst possible conditions.

But just how tough is tough? Here's a humorous video showing Dell's Latitude E6420 XFR in action.


The notebook has been developed to meet MIL-STD-810, a rigorous standard designed to test a product against a variety of damaging experiences, from extreme vibration and water to shock and fungus.

And believe me when I say that these things are tough. I've seen them thrown into the backs of vans, left out in the rain, dropped, and subjected to all sorts of manhandling that would have broken my MacBook Pro beyond repair.

Ruggedized notebooks don't come cheap though, with the Latitude E6420 XFR starting at $4250 (although it is currently subject to a saving of over $1000, bringing it down to a more manageable $3200). 

Topics: Mobility, Dell

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  • And...

    ...and the cat pee smell keeps rodents out of the case.
  • Just how tough are Dell's ruggedized notebooks?

    First off you only dropped it on grass/dirt never tar or concrete.
  • "currently subject to a savings of $1000"

    Is this the new way to spell "overpriced"?
    • No

      I think that's still "APPLE".