Kensington Trapper Keeper tablet cases look to cash in on '80s nostalgia

Kensington Trapper Keeper tablet cases look to cash in on '80s nostalgia

Summary: Wish you never left high school? These universal cases for tablets put a 21st-century spin on an old brand.

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Feel sad that you're still not in 9th grade computing class learning BASIC? Kensington hopes to tap into that feeling of nostalgia with its new line of tablet cases, which dredge up the banality of school supplies and hope Generation X buyers view them as retro chic.

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Students in the 21st century might view Trapper Keeper binders with the same cockeyed bemusement as they would when confronted with a cassette player, but millions of 20th-century students stuffed them into their backpacks along with their textbooks and retainer cases. The strategy, I suppose, is that a 1980s analog icon covering a 2010s digital staple will be appreciated as an ironic accessory -- perhaps even by the Millennial offspring of Gen X parents.

In particular, Kensington is resurrecting three Mead classics for its line of 8-inch and 10-inch universal tablet cases. The Trapper Keeper is probably the most iconic, with its bright blue and red color options, but there's also Pee Chee and Composition Book versions. There's even a green composition book edition for smaller tablets.

While the cases make a nod toward contemporary reality with such features as a built-in multi-position stand, there's nothing else truly special to differentiate them from any other universal case on the market, proving that the tablet accessory market is as heavily commoditized as the school supply market was (and still is). You just get to charge more these days: $24.99 for the 8-inch cases, or $29.99 for the 10-inch versions.

In a particularly cruel irony, the new cases can be pre-ordered now from Kensington's website, but won't be shipping until September -- just after the school year starts for many students. Then again, the primary audience for them hasn't been in school for quite awhile.

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Topics: Mobility, Tablets

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  • Too Thick?

    As with most non-iPad tablet cases I see in stores like Best Buy, Staples, and OfficeMaxpo, they look decidedly thicker than iPad cases. I suppose that is due to making them so generic instead of a custom fit. I am not very motivated to get such klugey-looking things.