Kickstarter breathes life into tech start-ups

Kickstarter breathes life into tech start-ups

Summary: The New York-based website crowd-sources funds for creative projects and tech innovations, from robots and gadgets to software and hardware

TOPICS: Emerging Tech

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  • Diaspora

    One of Kickstarter's success stories of 2010 was the Diaspora social-networking software.

    The project reached its funding deadline with $200,641 — not bad, given that its original target was just $10,000.

    Diaspora — the brainchild of four New York University students — is a personal web server that lets people store their information and share it with friends.

    The software aims to ensure that data you share is only seen by the people you intend, and ownership of that data stays with you.

    Photo credit: Diaspora

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  • Gameduino

    Another recent success on Kickstarter is Gameduino, a game adapter for Arduino hardware that lets people create their own videogames.

    The device is built as a single shield that stacks up on top of the Arduino and has plugs for a VGA monitor and stereo speakers. It comes with demos, hardware sprites and rolling backgrounds to help people get started with their games.

    Gameduino raised $38,297 — far exceeding its target of $3,333, which was intended to fund its first production run.

    Photo credit: James Bowman/Gameduino

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  • TikTok watch

    TikTok/LunaTik watches
    By far and away the biggest success story in Kickstarter's short history are the TikTok/LunaTik watches. These turn a sixth-generation iPod Nano into a multitouch watch.

    The project was funded by 6,000 percent, earning $941,718 on a target of just $15,000.

    TikTok is a snap-in strap that lets you place and remove your iPod; LunaTik is a premium wristband for people who don't mind dedicating their iPod Nano to the life of a wristwatch.

    Photo credit: Minimal

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Topic: Emerging Tech

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