Kickstarter project HumanToolz Stand for iPad (review)

Kickstarter project HumanToolz Stand for iPad (review)

Summary: The HumanToolz Stand for the iPad may be the perfect accessory. The minimalist design adds little weight yet makes it possible to use the iPad in a nearly infinite number of positions.

Landscape open

I was excited to see the HumanToolz Stand for iPad appear on Kickstarter as I had yet to find a stand that met all of my criteria. A good iPad stand must be light, attractive, sturdy, and allow using the tablet in a variety of positions. After using the stand from HumanToolz I believe this is the perfect stand for me.

The folks at HumanToolz set out to design a stand that becomes an integral part of the iPad. It takes less than 10 seconds to snap the stand onto the iPad and it's ready for action. It can be used with the Apple Smart Cover without compromise. It is easily snapped off when you want to leave it behind.

Stand closed (525x700)

The stand matches the brushed aluminum finish of the iPad and is hardly noticeable when closed. It only adds a couple of ounces to the svelte iPad and has cutouts making all buttons (and the camera) of the iPad easily accessible.

The stand is padded on the inside to protect the iPad finish from any scratches while attached. The stand portion opens to almost any viewing angle in landscape orientation, including a comfortable low angle good for typing.

Typing angle

This stand also works in portrait mode. Just open the stand to the desired angle and get busy. Close it when you're done and the embedded magnets in the stand keep it firmly closed and out of the way.

What makes this stand so appealing is the way it gets completely out of the way when you want to use the iPad in the hands. It's so small it is almost as if it is not there when you don't need it. It even adds a small grip to the iPad making it more secure in the hand when closed.

Side closed

The Kickstarter project is almost over and the HumanToolz Stand for iPad is now fully funded. It should start appearing in retail outlets and online in November for $65. It is so versatile and useful I can't wait for it to become available. I've been using a prototype without any issues and love this stand.

Portrait cover closed

While it is not designed to do so, I can confirm that the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover which I use with the iPad can be used while the HumanToolz Stand is attached. The magnetic seal of the Logitech doesn't engage as usual but the iPad with stand attached sits firmly in the slot for typing.

The video below from HumanToolz shows how easy it is to attach and remove the stand from the iPad.

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  • Thanks!

    Just became a backer - the ability to use with both a SmartCover AND the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover was the deciding factor.
  • It looks clunky

    Perhaps I am spoiled by the Asus Transformer, but I can not imagine wanting to add something like this just to have a kickstand. Especially when the smart cover does a good job at that without all the drawbacks of this beast.

    It looks cheap, bulky and filled with various edges. Pretty much everything a well designed tablet seeks to avoid.
  • Those

    Those who want physical keyboard to their tablets, should have bought a laptop instead tablet.

    The whole idea in tablet is that you have only a touchscreen, that everything is possible to use trough touching with finger size input support (thats why Surface sucks because it is designed to need a physical keyboard and permanent stand).

    The smartcover is very clever, because it works for your stand when you need to time longer but still protects display and even works with power saving function.
    Tablet should not need anything else than smartcover.

    Then there are those hybrids, what are best if they allow attach tablet like laptop screen and looks like laptop without any stand etc. Best example of these are Asus Transformers. And best thing is, you can buy a tablet without the dock (keyboard + extra I/O ports) and everything is designed for the tablet use, but the dock is just a bonus for those who wanted to type more at some times (like in train or airplane).

    But even then, laptops are best for many users who want type very much or use mouse (like surface).