Kickstarting the ultimate iPhone case: A photo story

Kickstarting the ultimate iPhone case: A photo story

Summary: In spite of its good looks, the iPhone regularly gets covered up by some of the world’s most hideous cases. A new Kickstarter project has fixed the problem, and we've got photos.

TOPICS: Hardware, Mobility

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  • AL13 Kickstarter page

    At the end of 2012, Lester Mapp and Jeremy Foster built a prototype of the iPhone case they always wanted and tossed it up on Kickstarter on December 28. They needed $20,000 to get the project off the ground and they set a Kickstarter deadline of six weeks.

    It blew past $20,000 within 10 days. By the time the Kickstarter campaign ended on February 13, it had over 1,400 supporters and had raised $86,250.

    For the inside story on the AL13, read The iPhone case Apple should have built: Now on sale.

  • AL13 launch video

    Lester Mapp, left, is the CEO of Designed by M, and Jeremy Foster, right, is the head of marketing. This was the video they did introducing their AL13 iPhone case when they launched it on Kickstarter. You can watch the video here.

    For the inside story on the AL13, read The iPhone case Apple should have built: Now on sale.

  • AL13 - The original four colors

    On Kickstarter, the AL13 was available in four colors: black, red, silver, and green (a limited edition color only for Kickstarter supporters). It was $45 to get in the door as a supporter and select your color, but it was $65 if you wanted the limited edition Kickstarter-green version.

    For the inside story on the AL13, read The iPhone case Apple should have built: Now on sale.

Topics: Hardware, Mobility

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  • absurd packaging!!!

    The packaging that comes with this product is absurdly wasteful!!
    • Agreed

      The packaging for this case is the most overindulgent, overblown packaging I've ever seen. How much would this thing cost if it didn't have $50 bucks worth of packaging? It's a couple of pieces of metal, not an actual phone or some other electronic device.

      It's supposed to be a protective case. Why would it need a huge metal casing of its own? Apparently, just for the sake of some pompous, ridiculous marketing statement.
  • Legit case

    Nice case. and yes I love the fact that its doing the job the real case should do! you shouldn't have to buy a case that looks just like the case because it protects it!. hello build your std cases better in first place.
    This is proof Apple. that is no compromise on quality nah nah blah blah. here is a dude making them how you (apple) I mean (Foxconn) I mean (TSMC) I mean (Samsung Trollollol)
    All Along The Watchtower
  • Z

    If it came in pink, I'd buy it for my gf in a heartbeat -.-
  • Putting an iPhone 5 in a bumper case... like putting bumper pads around a 5 carat diamond ring, or installing a car-bra and door-bumpers on a Bentley: Sure, it protects your investment, but it kind of defeats the purpose of spending so much money on something for which design is a big part of what it is.

    Yes, the iPhone 5 is (too?) pricey, but a part of that big price tag is getting the world's thinnest smart phone. It's a jewel of a device (if that's important to you). If you're going to live in fear of damaging your "jewel", then put it on display under glass in your home and get a "utilitarian" phone for daily life (sort of like keeping you "special" car in the garage for special occasions, and driving a daily beater). And if it really matters to you to have an iPhone 5, use it! Love it! Appreciate it, without living in fear.

    PS: I'm a PC guy (not an Apple Fanboy). And I have a "naked" iPhone 5.
    • iphone case

      Sure your position makes sense, but if one does that, how will everyone be able to tell if the hipsters really do have an iphone?
      Micah Houghton
      • How will everyone be able to tell if the hipsters really do have an iphone?

        @Micah Houghton: They could always wear a T-short and get bumper stickers that read "My other phone is an iPhone 5!"
  • I like Apple's rubber "bumper" better than aluminum.

    The bumper keeps the phone from sliding on a slippery surface and can be laid down without a "clunk". Aluminum may be sturdier and come in more colors, but rubber has its advantages, too.
  • More dystopian marketing

    Celebrating yet another Apple add on.
  • Absurd Packaging of Article

    Please Stop wasting my life with this absurd 'Slide Show' format. I have submitted an email under separate cover concerning this.

    Your clients / readers pay for this publication. Your advertising revenue is based on us, your clients / readers.

    Please, no more abuse!
    Leo Regulus
    • The slideshow format

      Agree about the slideshow format. I've come to the conclusion that its there to drive up the number of clicks and pageviews, to please advertisers...
  • Case that look pretty

    All I want from a case is personalize my iphone. OK It’s important to protect the device but for me it’s more important to add some personality and differentiation.
    So I prefer a case with a big superman logo or with a lots o colors then a tinny aerospace metal piece.
  • 80 Bucks???

    Is this for real? A 2 dollar rubber case and a 10 dollar screen protector can do just as good a job. That thing wouldn't last more than a week with my daughter. She buys new ones about every other week. And I'm sure as hell not gonna spend 80 bucks on one.
  • NOT a case!

    It's a BUMPER! And there's nothing ultimate about it.