Kim Dotcom: Petabytes of Megaupload users' data has been destroyed

Kim Dotcom: Petabytes of Megaupload users' data has been destroyed

Summary: An enraged Dotcom says European web hosting company LeaseWeb is guilty of 'the largest data massacre in the history of the internet'.


In late 2011, Kim Dotcom's Megaupload file-sharing site was one of the top 100 websites in the world. Then, the FBI, working in concert with New Zealand police, seized the site and all the user files within its servers.

Dotcom's legal battles continues, but he now claims that Netherlands-based web-hosting company LeaseWeb has deleted millions of users' files, "petabytes of pictures, backups, personal and business property".

Kim Dotcom is enraged that LeaseWeb has destroyed petabytes of Megaupload user data.

When the federal government first seized Megaupload's servers, it threatened to destroy all data within weeks of the seizure. Later, the government and the hosting companies agreed to preserve users' data until some future time.

According to Dotcom, LeaseWeb deleted Megaupload's European customers' data on February 1, 2013. Other web hosting companies with Megaupload data, such as Carpathia Hosting and Cogent, are continuing to preserve Megaupload users' data.

Dotcom is outraged by this action. In a series of Twitter messages, he started by saying "VERY BAD NEWS: #Leaseweb has wiped ALL #Megaupload servers. All user data & crucial evidence for our defense destroyed 'without warning.'"

From there, he snarled, "This is the largest data massacre in the history of the Internet caused by the U.S. government, the Department of Justice & #Leaseweb."

What could LeaseWeb have done instead? Dotcom wrote, "While #Carpathia has chosen to store #Megaupload servers in a warehouse to protect the data from destruction #Leaseweb has done the opposite." He added, "Our lawyers have repeatedly asked #Leaseweb not to delete #Megaupload servers while court proceedings are pending in the U.S."

Instead, "Let me be crystal clear. #Leaseweb has NEVER informed our legal team or anybody at #Megaupload about the deletion of servers until TODAY." He added, "Our legal team and @EFF have written several data preservation demands to #Leaseweb. We were never warned about the deletion."

Dotcom also said that after the 2012 seizure, LeaseWeb never returned his calls, but now the company is telling him, "We informed Megaupload about our plans to start using the servers again, but no reply from them." His response: "Who believes this crap?"

While Dotcom is enraged at LeaseWeb, and its CEO Con Zwinkels in particular, he's not encouraging any kind of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the company's websites. "I see postings from Hackers wanting to attack #Leaseweb for the deletion of #Megaupload data. PLEASE DON'T. #Leaseweb customers are innocent."

In the face of all these attacks, LeaseWeb has not responded to requests asking for its side of the story.

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  • He could

    Ask the NSA for a back-up copy........
    • That was funny ...

      ... and sad at the same time :-( :-)
  • And just ONE MORE reason kids...

    ...NOT to store your valuable data in "The Cloud". You never know when it might all just go poof!
    • cloud storage

      Don't store it only in the Cloud for sure.
    • Also

      Be careful who you do business with; I would never trust my data to any business that can be connected to this guy.
      • IT_Fella is an extent

        Redundant data back up before cloud storage, and extremely personal only on your own back up. OF COURSE!!!
  • He snarled?

    ....And just how could you tell that from a Tweet?

    I think media supposition is just as bad as the news story itself.
  • backup schmackup

    putting aside the particulars of this particular story for a moment -- backups are for wimps. cloud schmoud, data here or data there, it does not matter. because no one has ever lost any date never ever, not for political reasons, not legally, illegally, maliciously, immorally, accidentally, not by force of nature, not by magic, not by the hand of rabid squirells, nor by the wrath of the gods, not randomly for no apparant reason, not by mft corruption, not by nothing at all. nay, it has never happened before and it will never happen again.
    • -

      The hosting company keeps backups, which is one of the primary reasons you pay them. Backups which they likely erased.

      Unless you think the guy who runs the service is supposed to keep thousands of HDDs in his garage, in which case you're just an idiot.
      • Is that what they told you? They have backups?

        Anyone that doesn't own their own storage is either an idiot or a criminal.
      • you misunderstood me

        @RvLeshrac, try to feel the sarcasm between the lines of my post. Or not, I don't really care. Oh, and if you really think that I think that "the guy who runs the service" (HA! "the guy") would/should have backups on HDDs in his garage, well, then clearly you are the idiot, not I.
  • Drama is always surrounding this guy

    It will just continue to go on and on. Putting anything of value on his services is just asking for trouble.
  • Did Kim

    Did Kim make sure to keep his current email address up to date?

  • One copy isn't a backup

    It doesn't matter where you have something stored, if you only have that one copy of it, you don't have a backup.

    Anyone that uploads data to the cloud and then deletes it from their personal storage is asking for trouble as much as all those people that only have the it on the drive in their computer.
  • Servers siezed over a year ago

    so, one would assume that all of the data was over a year old. If anyone didn't have backups or other copies by now, too bad from them.

    Just another Steven click bait article attempting to enrage people for standard procedures. No wonder he's a writer instead of a doer.
    • Crap...

      I wanted to down vote you.
      • Why do people expect a business to provide free service

        These servers were on ice for over a year with no payments received. In other words, the owner wants to get these servers back in service to make some cash and stay in business

        I guess you and steven are pro-welfare, that is, making money in business is evil and these servers should be kept intact with old data forever?
  • Reaction LeaseWeb

    • Thanks for Page Two

  • I know how to get it back

    Just let the guys from CSI: Miami reconstruct the drives for you. They'll have it done in less than an hour and a couple of commercial breaks.