Kindle Fire HDX for $184 today only

Kindle Fire HDX for $184 today only

Summary: Amazon has a one-day holiday deal that includes the 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX.

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Kindle Fire HDX deal
(Image: Amazon)

The Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon is a good tablet that has a good price tag. Today that price is even better with a $45 holiday discount that brings the price even lower for those looking to give a Kindle Fire HDX to someone who will almost surely like this tablet.

Amazon's newest tablet has good hardware inside that can compete with any tablet on the market. With a quad-core processor, high-resolution display, good audio, and long battery life, the Kindle Fire HDX may be the best 7-inch tablet on the market.

The one-day sale puts the starting configuration of the Kindle Fire HDX at only $183.20. Amazon indicates the tablet is in stock and available for Prime free shipping so there may not be a better deal around. The Kindle Fire HDX would be a good gift at that price, and it's certainly good enough to buy one for yourself. We won't tell.

For those on a budget, the less capable Kindle Fire HD is only $136 today.

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Topics: Mobility, Amazon, Tablets

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  • Not bad

    So I much rather prefer a Surface, but If you need a small cheap gadget, and you love Amazon, then go for it. Everyone I know that has a Kindle likes it.
    Sean Foley
  • Amazon already doing a "dump and run" on the HDX and dropping support? I read quite a few reviews where the HDX becomes "a brick" when trying to download/view movies from Amazon itself. The only recourse is to return it and get a new one. No bueno........
  • "With special offers"

    This version comes with advertisements as the screen saver. Without it, it's $195. Also, this is the 16GB version. Go for 32GB and you're already at $284.
  • No camera for video chat

    buy a 5" smartphone instead
    • Not true.

      From an Amazon page on this device: "External volume controls, front-facing 720p HD camera, built-in dual microphone............"
  • It is designed as an entertainment device.

    I does have a great display that is supposed to extremely color accurate. But it is designed for entertainment. There is no provision for adding storage via micro SDXC or SDHC. It seems you can not use an OTG cable with it either which means that if your camera does not have wi-fi built in you can not connect it to the HDX directly. This and the limited storage make the HDX's wonderful screen pretty useless to the photographer. And a seven inch screen is just too small, IHO, too use an on screen keyboard on for anything but very short entries like Google searches and the like.

    But if entertainment is what you want it for it is very well designed. The speakers are where they should be, left and right of center in landscape orientation. Why so many others put them left and right of portrait orientation center, so that they are both at one end when you watch a video, or play most games in landscape mode, is beyond me. The 'no-advertising' version is only $12 more now, at $195, giving $3 more in savings over the regular price. That's the one I would go with.