Kinect helps patients rehab injuries

Kinect helps patients rehab injuries

Summary: Rehabilitation therapists are making Kinect an important part of the recovery process for injured patients.

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Here on ZDNet Health, we've previously explored how XBox Kinect can be a great member of the surgical team, helping keep patients undergoing surgery free from infection, and helping keep doctors focused on the patient and not the keyboard.

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Now Kinect games are being used to help people recover from injuries. Physical therapists like it because patients are engaged and interested in the process, and because the improvements in score give them concrete feedback about patient improvement. Patients like it because it's fun. As a nurse, I like it because Xbox and Kinect are readily available forms of theraputic entertainment, and can be continued at home as part of an ongoing recovery process.

Check out this video to see how rehabilitation therapists are making Kinect an important part of the recovery process for stroke and other brain injury patients at Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, England.

Topics: Health, Microsoft


Denise Amrich is a Registered Nurse, the health care advisor for the U.S. Strategic Perspective Institute, and a mentor for the Virtual Campus at Florida's Brevard Community College.

Nothing in this article is meant to be a substitute for medical advice, and shouldn't be considered as such. If you are in need of medical help, please see your doctor.

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  • Encouraging to see physiotherapy embracing this direction

    I am encouraged to see physiotherapy embracing video gesture control in this way. As a matter of fact the company that invented the 3D video gesture control technology, which the Kinect is based on, has been revolutioning the physiotherapy world by delivering Immersive Full Body Gesture Controlled Rehabilitation Exercise systems to the Physiotherapy for over 10 years. GestureTek has delivered over 500 IREX Systems that are being used all around the world, with over 30 studies showing the overwhelming benifit of this technology in rehabilitation of all kinds. It also is geared specifically to rehabilitation, where the therapist can set up a specific regiment and get print outs of results each session. Check it out: