KitKat screenshots: A first look at Android 4.4? (gallery)

KitKat screenshots: A first look at Android 4.4? (gallery)

Summary: A new set of screenshots claim to show a version of Android OS 4.4, known as KitKat. Or is it Key Lime Pie after all?


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  • Settings

    The settings icon has changed from 4.3, and in this version Google looks to have implemented a Tap and Pay feature. Exactly what Google has here isn't known yet, but it would appear to suggest better support for NFC-based payments. Interestingly, Google recently opened up Google Wallet to all Android devices running 2.3 or higher, even on hardware without NFC support. 


  • NFC payments built-in to KitKat?

    Google's Tap and Pay isn't enabled here so it's hard to say if it's working or not.

  • K for KitKat

    This one is odd. The Android version screen looks nothing like the recent Key Lime Pie leak from Gadget Helpline, while the background is the same as Jelly Bean 4.3, but obviously there's a big K there. 

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  • I hate to nag, but...

    You guys at ZDNet really must do something about your gallery.
    Why does every image has to open in a new page?
    It's simple JS.
    2nd Paradox
    • Click counter

      It's a devious way of driving up the click counter: every time you go to the next page, it counts as a new person visiting the site.
      Alucai Vivorvel
      • Not really

        It would be another pageview, not a new visitor. While that is a little "scammy", it would be somewhat legitimate from an advertising perspective.
        • Maybe so

          but I get new ads for every new page view. And that certainly drives up their revenue.
          Michael Kelly
    • I hate to nag but...

      If you click the Next button at the upper right corner of the pix, they open in the same screen.
      • Clicking Next

        In Chrome loads a whole new page. Doesn't matter if I do so on tablet or desktop, both have the same behavior of reloading everything and generating a higher click count.
    • It could be your web browser.

      I'm browsing the same gallery on my Chromebook, and it is flipping through each image while still staying within the same tab.
      Richard Estes
    • Depends on your Browser

      Works fine on Firefox.
      Graham Klerks
    • To add to the justified criticism of the ZDNet Gallery

      Why not have the text for the images appear alongside the image, so the need to scroll is minimized? Huff Post does this and it's quite useful - one click, and the image and text is all there for consumption. Having to rearrange each page of the ZDNet Gallery so you can view and read is painful after a few screens. I've gotten so I don't even bother with the ZDNet Gallery items as it's so tedious to navigate. Hoping they'll listen - the number of votes on your comment is quite telling that this is a bonafide issue for visitors.
  • What do now tech ppl thing of the stupid names they give updates

    I mean they are just dumb, it must confuse people.
    • I'm sorry you're confused

      What do you think is more confusing for the consumer, codenames like "Jelly Bean" and "Kit Kat" or version numbers like 4.1, 4.2.2, 4.3.1, 4.4... etc.
      Having easy to remember names instead of dozens of version numbers is kind of the point. Besides, it lets them do fun marketing campaigns like they are now with Kit Kat.
      Alucai Vivorvel
      • Sweet Stuff

        All this candy talk is a trigger for me, I get a bad urge to go get candy bars and ice cream all the time, its bad enough I sit on my but all day looking at a screen, but Im gonna get really fat !, If and when SNIKKERS comes out, Im Doomed !
        • whatever they call it , You want to get one

          Good thing they are not going to call it KNICKERS, then
        • RE: All this candy talk is a trigger for me

          I know, I would rather they had given them latin plant names:

          Apricot – Prunus armeniaca
          Arizona Sycamore – Platanus wrighitii
          Arrowwood – Cornus florida
          Ash – Fraxinus spp.
          Black Ash – Acer negundo, Fraxinus nigra
          Blue Ash – Fraxinus pennsylvanica
          Cane Ash – Fraxinus americana
          Green Ash – Fraxinus pennsylvanica
          Maple Ash – Acer negundo
          Red Ash – Fraxinus pennsylvanica
          River Ash – Fraxinus pennsylvanica
          Swamp Ash – Fraxinus pennsylvanica
          White Ash – Fraxinus americana
          Water Ash – Acer negundo, Fraxinus pennsylvanica
      • Numbers may be boring

        But they give some idea of which came first. Quick! Was Froyo before or after Cupcake? Gingerbread before or after ICS?
        Now, is 2.2 before or after 1.5?

        • Easier?

          Same for me... If you know your alphabet it is not all that difficult...

          Only difference is not everyone knows what Gingerbread or ICS is, or that the first letter is important...
          those that don't know though, don't really care, they just want something that works...
          those that DO know, should have an idea of how the alphabet works, and to us it is either or...
    • it is?

      What's confusing about the alphabet? It's been around for quite some time now.
    • Stupid is

      as stupid does. So what is the difference between calling something Kit kat, jelly bean, gingerbread vs 4.1, 3.4, 2.7? Are letters so very difficult?
    • Oh, you mean like

      how apple does things like Snow Leopard or Mountain Goat, or whatever the hell they name their crap.
  • What's the point...

    ...of screenshots for the new Android OS. There are literally hundreds of versions of the OS by the time it's modified by LG, Samsung. HTC, Motorola, etc. They all look different from device to device, and from carrier to carrier.

    It makes sense for Apple or Microsoft, with one OS for all devices, but not Android. Nobody is going to see that very same screen on any of their devices on Android.