Korea's CrucialTec develops new ‘vein recognition’ authentication

Korea's CrucialTec develops new ‘vein recognition’ authentication

Summary: If you thought eye and fingerprint recognition technologies were cool, Korean mobile software company CrucialTec has a surprise for you: “vein recognition", reports ZDNet Korea's Jeong Hyeon-jeong.


CrucialTec has developed CrucialSoft Identification Solution (CSID), a new authentication solution for mobile devices that supports fingerprint, iris and vein recognition for mobile payments. 

Most Korean identification processes require the client’s social security number or an official certificate but CSID can change all this and make online payments safe and convenient, the company said. Vein recognition reads the vein pattern of the client’s hand.

“Identity theft and data leaks in the financial area are really rampant right now,” said a CrucialTec spokesman. “We are in talks with various local and foreign financial companies to provide our CSID solution.”

CrucialTec is a member of Fast Identity Online Alliance (FIDO), a global consortium dedicated to making newer authentication technologies such as biometrics more available for payments.

Overview of the CSID solution


Source: ZDNet Korea (www.zdnet.co.kr)

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  • compromised? could be a problem with biometrics

    the trouble with biometrics is : if your ID is compromised it's gonna be really hard to change it.

    those pushing biometrics may be more interested in eliminating anonyminity than in computer security. remember: in public key encryption there are REVOKE certificates for compromised keys. how is this to be done in biometrics systems? NOT.

    so that should lead you to ask: what are they trying to solve, actually?