Kupa UltraNote Windows 8 tablet offers modular design for maximum customization

Kupa UltraNote Windows 8 tablet offers modular design for maximum customization

Summary: An external side panel for add-ons and a removable battery set this slate apart from the Windows 8 competition.

TOPICS: Tablets, Windows

When you're an underdog in the market, you often have to offer twice as much to get noticed. That seems to be the approach for Kupa (which has the X11 Windows 7 tablet available already) with its new UltraNote Windows 8 tablet. It may not have brand recognition, but it has some unique features that will set it up apart from other Windows 8 slates from major players like Lenovo and Acer

While the UltraNote's components are impressive -- choice of Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3, i5, or i7 processor, 4GB of RAM (8GB maximum), 64GB or 128GB SSD, 10.1-inch 1,920x1,200 IPS display, pen digitizer  -- it's the external parts that are truly noteworthy. In addition to offering a removable battery (something you'll never see in an iPad), the UltraNote can make use of an external side panel that can provide additional functionality (as show in the photo above).

That functionality can include a credit card reader, scanner, handset extension for mobile phone calls, and presumably more. You can also grab the optional docking station that includes a keyboard, a pair of USB ports, VGA output, Ethernet jack, SD card slot, and an additional battery, which the company claims will provide the UltraNote with up to 12 hours of battery life when combined with the tablet's main battery. 

While it won't be a top seller at Best Buy, Kupa is at least thinking differently when it comes to an enterprise-friendly Windows 8 tablet. Unfortunately, it hasn't provided any kind of pricing information for the UltraNote when it ships next month, which may ultimately determine just how friendly it really is. 

[Via Engadget, Tech Crunch]

Topics: Tablets, Windows

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  • Doesn't look bad

    I'll at the very least "check into it". Probably willstill go with a more known brand for my win8 tab though...
  • Anyone who is Polish won't buy this...

    ...because Kupa means "poo" lol.
    • Lol.

      keeping that "kupa" aside, this UltraNote definitely looks promising. If I am not going with Surface, probably I will take a look into this. :)
      Ram U
    • Anyone who is Polish won't buy this...

      Are you sure? Here -in Poland- we use light bulbs from "OSRAM":

      Just check in dictionary :D So "Kupa" why not something from "Kupa"? "Kupa" sounds less vulgar ;-)))
  • Interesting

    What's more intersting to me is the image that is used for the background behind the tiles in that screenshot above. I didn't think adding your own background was allowed, is this just a photoshop comp or is this a feature that we haven't seen yet?
    • That is cool!

      I sure hope that is going to be there in a future version. It's not there in RTM. A custom background and maybe even animated backgrounds like Android has would be sweet.
    • Re: Interesting

      Why should Microsoft allow fragmentation of its finely-tuned UI like that?
  • This looks very cool

    Finally, someone doing some interesting features for a tablet. I'm going to check this out.
  • Outstanding

    No need to compare to other tablets, based on the various videos and write ups by those who have hands on, it looks promising.

    This wont be an iPad killer, or an Android competitor. Its going to be a desktop PC replacement + iPad/Android tablet alternative + laptop rolled up into one convenient and expandable platform.

    But I am sure it will be expensive.

    As for battery life, I for one can live with six hours or better, as long as the device and accessories do all that they appear they will. According to http : // www.geeky-gadgets.com/kupa-ultranote-powerful-windows-8-pc-tablet-announced-10-10-2012/ it will run about seven hours.