Lack of knowledge slows Big Data adoption in Brazil

Lack of knowledge slows Big Data adoption in Brazil

Summary: Brazilian firms also complain about the cost of specific tools and lack of skilled personnel for advanced analytics, says study

TOPICS: Big Data

Lack of knowledge about the benefits advanced data analytics can do for organizations is a major stumbling block for Big Data adoption in Brazil, according to a study released this week.

The research was carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Market Intelligence (Ibramerc) and the Brazilian eBusiness Association (eBusiness Brasil) in July with 326 companies of various sectors.

Some 32 percent of those polled said that lack of knowledge was the main reason for low levels of investment in Big Data tools, followed by the perception that such technologies are too expensive (26 percent) and lack of specific skills (8 percent).

When the subject is access to Big Data expertise, only 20 percent of those surveyed said they have skilled professionals in-house to meet those demands, while 12 percent are being trained. But 68 percent said they lack people with the required knowledge.

Another interesting fact highlighted by the survey is the state of the relationship between the IT function and marketing - which is often the department that benefits the most from advanced data analytics.

According to the survey, only 34 percent of the IT executives polled would class the relationship they have with their marketing counterparts as great or good. The remaining 66 percent and said their interactions with marketing are either stable (22 percent), regular (29 percent) or bad (15 percent).

Topic: Big Data

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  • Jobs

    Sounds like a place for those looking for jobs to get into.
    • ...and for vendors to flog their products too, I suppose!
      Angelica Mari
  • The reality

    Unfortunately this is a big reality in Brazil. We are growing but not in the It area.
    There is some cases, when we have the technology but we can´t deal well with.
    Very big problem that we have to deal.