Ladyada's Hacker Gift Guide

Ladyada's Hacker Gift Guide

Summary: UPDATED for 2013. Give gifts that inspire your favorite hackers to make something great. Our exclusive Hacker Gift Guide features Ladyada's top gifts for hackers of all styles, ages and interests.


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Topics: Hardware, Android, Emerging Tech, Linux, Open Source

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  • Good Stuff!

    I didn't even know that Hackerspace existed, much less be something I could go visit. (And I LOL'd when I saw the hand model's nail polish matched the cover of the coloring book.)

    Thanks for a good read.
  • Thank you ...

    for providing the quickjumps and descriptions for individual items. While still a Gallery, this at least allows us to pick and chose what interests us without wading through everything ! It's a nice change.
  • I have never said this before

    I have never been impressed by the subtle and effective organization and usability of an article at zdnet before. Well done.

    Uh, the content was very good too. I'll likely pick up at least 2 of the items for the kids.

    Thank you for sharing the information, and spending the time to present it the way you had.
  • Thanks!

    A superb collection of Xmas gifts. And I also appreciate your quick links list, because I hate these stupid gallery articles (what's wrong with using some AJAX to update the page content? Does it hinder some advert content?).