'Largest iPhone ever' begins mass production next month: report

'Largest iPhone ever' begins mass production next month: report

Summary: Reports suggest that Apple suppliers will begin the manufacture of the largest iPhone to date next month.

TOPICS: Apple, iPhone, Mobility
Credit: Apple

Apple suppliers will begin mass producing the largest iPhone to date next month as part of the anticipated iPhone 6 product line.

According to Bloomberg, which cites people familiar with the plans, manufacturers in China will be producing two large Apple devices from July. One model is reportedly equipped with a 4.7-inch display — in comparison to the iPhone 5S's 4-inch screen — and the other sports a 5.5-inch screen.

The new iPhones will also be rounder and thinner than previous models.

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The sources claim that the two iPhones may be ready to ship to retailers by September this year. However, one source said that the 5.5-inch model is more complicated to produce than the 4.7-inch device, and so has resulted in "lower production efficiency." This has to be solved before manufacturing volume can be increased.

Over the weekend, leaked images potentially showing the rumored handset were shared with 9to5Mac, revealing a display which measures 5.5-inches.

Hybrids, phablets and large smartphones are current trends in the consumer technology space. According to Forrester Research, in China, 40 percent of Android-based devices sold in 2014 are equipped with displays measuring over five inches. If Apple does increase the screen size of its iPhone range, the tech giant is staying faithful to a trend that has already hooked rivals including Samsung, HTC, Sony and ZTE.

This week, Taiwanese media reported that Foxconn and Pegatron are ramping up hiring to cope with anticipated high levels of demand for Apple's new iPhone range. It has been suggested that Foxconn is amid a recruitment drive designed to push up its Chinese workforce by 10 percent, whereas Pegatron — a smaller Apple supplier — hopes to boost employee numbers at a key plant by one third.

Topics: Apple, iPhone, Mobility

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  • I Just Hope . . .

    . . . they keep a 4" version. Those big phones just aren't necessary and prone to dropping.
    • Why's that?

      I thought everyone had Shaquille O'Neal sized paws! Those big one's are awkward in every sense. Since they won't fit in pockets people where them on the waist band and any device I wore like that was prone to jarring, popping off, 'transition issues' (i.e. dropping), etc. I guess that they need a product in that space for people who like the 'look' of talking into a small laptop.
      • Big iPhones

        My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is larger than either of the proposed iPhones and is very easy to carry on my belt. Of course, if you're a klutz, these large devices won't be for you. But I'm betting that lots of current iPhone5 and 5s users will appreciate a better, easier-to-read and watch video screen, will be a big hit with them. If all you're interested in is a good phone/texting device, the iPhone 5 is fine, but if you watch videos and read a lot on the screen, you'll wonder why you strained your eyes on such an inadequate display.
      • How small are you?

        Are you a small girl, or a very small guy that wears skinny jeans? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Mega Duos (because I need the dual sim capability), and it fits fine in my pocket and my hands. I consider myself average size at 5'10" 185 pounds.
    • On the contrary...

      the 4.7 is the ideal size. Just enough extra screen without taxing your grip. You really should try it before you rail against change.
      • For certain hands . . .

        "the 4.7 is the ideal size."

        For certain hands . . .

        . . . for other hands, not ideal at all.
  • But...

    Steve said that anything bigger than 4" was doomed to fail!
    • I hope...

      ...that they still honor that ideal.
    • Steve also said...

      ...that iPhones didn't need native apps. Luckily smarter people at Apple talked him out of some of his sillier convictions. The App Store is a major source of profit for Apple and the vast app library is still the biggest reason to buy an iPhone.

      Regarding the trend to bigger handsets, remember way back when Apple created the trends for smartphones? After 4 years of product stagnation, they've become a sad little follower. I wonder if they'll ever catch up to everyone else. I don't see myself ever going over 5" screen size, but the 4.7" sounds like it's worth a look.

      Message to Apple - A couple years ago, you were proud of the fact that more photos are taken with iPhones than any other camera in existence. So, why haven't you improved the camera? Little Nokia ate your lunch on that one. Samsung's latest easily beats you, too. Version 6 of the iPhone had better be a major upgrade if you plan to get my money. I'm talking higher resolution, f 1.8, optical image stabilization, better flash, post shot focus adjustments, a macro mode, wider color gamut, and other improvements.
      • Guess you were absent when

        Apple discussed the technology advancements in the iPhone 5s camera. Or do you think improving a camera means sticking an SLR on the back of the phone?
    • First, Steve Jobs has passed away

      in case you hadn't heard. Two, the article is discussing a rumor, not a product announcement.
    • beat me too it..

      apparently phones bigger than 3.5 inches were too big and would fail.. Samsung has failed right into the history books as the biggest phone producer in history.

      Almost as bad a prediction as the other steve (ballmer) predicting that the ipod and then later the iphone would fail.. the new MS CEO seems to have learned from ballmer's mistakes as he doesn't seem to comment much on others products potential.

      This is smart of apple to copy the bigger screen trend.. they may well win back some folks that only moved away from apple to get a bigger screen. There isn't much doubt that it's copying/following though... not exactly innovative.. but I'm sure they will tout it as ground breaking.

      lets wait and see.. it's funny that some of our management who have apple stuff all said my X10 sony was too big.. and now they all have 4 inch iphones.. then they said my HTC M8 was too big.. and now they will all have phones just as big or bigger.. something I point out to them at every opportunity.
  • So...

    The ultimate magical iDevice, the "iPhad" has finally arrived.

    Welcome to Android 2012...
    Lord Minty
    • I hope your name sticks!

      iPhad - We made it larger so you will believe it is better.
    • You do realize you're being snarky and

      superior about a rumor and not a product announcement, right?
  • One Hand Mode?

    I know at least some Droids have this feature. Since the rumors appear this solid for larger iPhones I hope Apple also incorporates a "One Hand Mode" feature.
    • Yes

      One hand mode came out a while ago. For calling or texting, the display is smaller and shifts to the right or left, depending on your preference. I don't really see the need, because I can use one hand when it is in normal mode.
    • Apple changed their mind.

      One handed use is encouraging the browsing of P0rn and as we know.. Jobs said that if you want to browse porn you should get an android.

      lots of people browse p0rn apparently... and apple is now no longer encouraging one handed operation .. :-)
  • The phone size increase matches...

    ...my eyesight decrease since the last model. Perfect timing
  • "lower production efficiency."

    = Higher price.

    You had better get in line now. :->

    You know who you are.

    I am curious how it will look and be different from the current IPhone specs. I hope it's just not size, for the sake of future buyers and their wallets.

    Best wishes on your choices.