Latest mobile gadgets: Hands on at MWC

Latest mobile gadgets: Hands on at MWC

Summary: Photos: From smartphones to smartbooks, designer kit to eye-controlled earphones...

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • Vodafone's presence was also evident elsewhere in the Fira - sponsoring the inaugural App Planet event and holding sessions for developers for its 360 service.

    Photo credit: Natasha Lomas/

  • Developer conferences took place in the App Planet hall but the show floor was given over to stands from the likes of BlackBerry (pictured above), IBM and Skype. . .

    BlackBerry at App Planet at MWC

    Vringo hoping to make an impact at App Planet

    ... to smaller players such as video ringtones outfit Vringo (above) and mobile comic content company Mobima (below).

    App Planet at MWC

    Mobima brought some much needed colour to App Planet

    Alcatel-Lucent used the App Planet hall as an idea forum, asking delegates to submit ideas to the ideas wall and making a chandelier out of famous designers' sayings (pictured below).

    App Planet at MWC

    Alcatel-Lucent wanted delegates' ideas at App Planet

    Photo credits: Natasha Lomas/

  • However being positioned in the far distant top corner of the Fira, up an escalator and over the road from the rest of the MWC action, App Planet felt a little low key compared to the main show floor. Apps spilled out onto various booths - with BlackBerry's main stand largely given over to a wall of app demos (shown above).

    Photo credit: Natasha Lomas/

Topic: Mobility

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