Latest mobile gadgets: Hands on at MWC

Latest mobile gadgets: Hands on at MWC

Summary: Photos: From smartphones to smartbooks, designer kit to eye-controlled earphones...

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  • The star of this year's show was arguably Microsoft - which unveiled the next generation of its Windows Mobile OS - a completely overhauled operating system dubbed 7 Series including an elegant new-look UI that integrates with a variety of third-party web services, such as Facebook and X-Box live.

    Michael Chang, senior product manager at Microsoft, confirmed 7 Series has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. The look of the new UI draws from Microsoft's Zune HD MP3 player interface but Chang said Nike was also involved in the design process. 7 Series devices won't be able to be skinned with a proprietary UI by device manufacturers as Microsoft is keen to preserve the look and feel of its next-gen smartphones.

    At MWC Microsoft demoed an early build of the OS running on a prototype handset which got its hands on - pictured above and below. Devices running 7 Series will be in the market in time for Christmas, according to CEO Steve Ballmer.

    "We hope 7's our lucky number," he said.

    Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series prototype at MWC

    Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series UI has a strong social networking flavour

    Photo credits: Natasha Lomas/

  • HTC also made a big splash at MWC with a pair of flagship smartphones running Google's open OS platform, Android.

    Pictured above is the HTC Desire - a smartphone sporting a 3.7-inch Amoled WVGA display and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. The device resembles Google's branded Nexus One handset, which is also made by HTC.

    Pictured below is the HTC Legend, the company's follow-up to last year's HTC Hero. Both the Desire and the Legend run HTC's Sense UI atop the Android platform.

    HTC Legend

    Who needs a Hero anymore? HTC unveiled the Android-sporting HTC Legend smartphone at MWC

    Photo credits: Natasha Lomas/

  • Another high-end smartphone that made a splash at MWC was the Samsung Wave (pictured above) which has a 3.3-inch Super Amoled display. The Wave is the first device to be launched on Samsung's Bada open OS platform - which was announced towards the back end of last year - and sports the company's TouchWiz 3.0 UI.

    Samsung had a big presence inside and outside the Fira - plastering a nearby building with a giant advert for Wave (shown below).

    Samsung Wave

    Samsung splashed some cash on billboard advertising of its Wave handset just outside the Fira

    Photo credits: Natasha Lomas/

Topic: Mobility

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