Leaked Verizon site shows BlackBerry Z10 coming soon

Leaked Verizon site shows BlackBerry Z10 coming soon

Summary: The BlackBerry 10 leak machine is rolling and I imagine we will continue to see lots of details coming out over the next 11 days. I look forward to the release of BB10 and am sure I will be picking one up to test as soon as they are released.


I will be in New York for the BlackBerry 10 launch in less than two weeks and as I wrote a couple days ago when the video leak of BB10 appeared we are going to see more and more leaks around this refreshed OS. Today, we see an image from EVleaks , thanks Engadget, that show the BlackBerry Z10 coming to Verizon in white and black.

RIM hasn't revealed the official name of the new devices running BB10, but enough leaks have been revealed that Z10 and X10 are the two first devices likely to be launched. We weren't sure if these were code names or real names, but this Verizon site leak shows the Z10 as the name of the device. There were also spec leaksfor a reported L-Series so I'm still not convinced the Z10 is the official name yet.

The specs show a device with a 4.2 inch display at a resolution of 1280x768 along with other fairly typical high end specifications. As we see with Windows Phone 8 and the BlackBerry PlayBook these two operating systems do not require super high end specs to run well so I wouldn't get all worked up if the new BB10 devices don't have quad-core processors or 13 megapixel cameras.

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  • You should be worried

    As BB 10 will outsell your employers junk WP8 in less than a month. Then you'll have to log in as all of your aliases to defend Microsoft.
    Troll Hunter J
  • Could someone help me with the last paragraph?

    Why would this run better on lower performance hardware than Android or iOS, which both run on single 600Mhz Cortex A8 based chips with 256mb RAM? Surely the microkernel design would benefit from higher cycle rates to account for running more tasks as servers? The playbook from 2011 which used the QNX based system had essentially the same specs as that years Ipad; A9 based dual core 1Ghz chips, except the ipad had half as much RAM?

    I also can't understand why windows phone 8 would fair better? I thought the point of porting the NT kernel was to take advantage of the modern multicore ARM processors and the flagship lumina 920 is very comparable to the iPhone 5 in terms of stats, even the "budget" 620 features dual core 1ghz with half a gig of RAM.

    Don't get me wrong, why would you not always aim for more? No-one is going to be developing WP8, iOS6, Android 4.2, BB10 devices below 512mb, 1Ghz nowadays for anything other than utter budget reasons. Even multicore will become defacto soon enough, I just didn't understand why if in an ideal world, where you could build phones like PC's and get mobile OS off the shelf, you were making a basic phone and had say that 600Mhz A8 and 256 RAM, you'd choose WP8 or BB10 over Android or iOS?

    It is however good to see the leaked specs offering premium features such as 2GB RAM, NFC, and LTE. To gain market share, BB10 has to be able to do well up against the HTC, LG and Samsung offerings at the high end, as well as providing sub $200 options for traditional RIM customers.

    One thing that will work in its favour should be it's micro kernel designed OS. However, this will only be as good the user as the interface and app availability.