Lenovo Android TV on sale in China

Lenovo Android TV on sale in China

Summary: Chinese PC company starts taking pre-orders for Android-powered smart TVs in its domestic market, with cheapest model selling at US$1,027.

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Lenovo on Tuesday started taking pre-orders for its series of Google Android-powered smart TVs in China.

According to the Chinese PC company's Web site, the cheapest model is the 42-inch K71 which retails at 6,499 yuan (US$1,027). The three other models are the 42-inch K81, 55-inch K81 and 55-inch K91, which all include 3D-conversion capabilities and are selling at 7,499 RMB (US$1,185), 11,999 RMB (US$1,896) and 14,999 RMB (US$2,370), respectively.

Each set has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, runs on a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and includes apps, the company said. It added that customers have the option to include a Weibo stream during programs, allowing them to interact with others about the show.

Lenovo did not say if it would offer the TVs in other markets in Asia-Pacific. However, the company has a history of launching products first in China before releasing them in overseas markets.

Lenovo first unveiled its smart TV ambition in January when it announced plans to sell such devices running Android 4.0

Topics: Software, Hardware, China

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