Lenovo announces all-in-one desktop PC with massive 29-inch screen

Lenovo announces all-in-one desktop PC with massive 29-inch screen

Summary: The IdeaCentre B750 offers a big display with a 21:9 aspect ratio and starts at $1,199. Three other new IdeaCentre all-in-ones have also been unveiled.

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Lenovo is upping the stakes in the all-in-one (AIO) PC wars with a new IdeaCentre that supersizes the screen that's at its heart.

The IdeaCentre B750 will offer users a huge 29-inch display that is also notable for its extra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio (2,560 x 1,080 resolution). To help with multitasking, the company has added its Lenovo Split Screen technology to manage multiple on-screen windows. You can also reach out and touch the display to make use of Windows 8's touchscreen features, or you can use Lenovo Motion Control to handle basic tasks with gestures instead. To make things sound as good as they look, the B750 comes with a built-in 20-watt subwoofer and Dolby Home Theater technology.

You can deck the B750 out with a new Intel Core i7 Haswell processor, 16GB of RAM, a 2TB hard drive, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 graphics. Obviously, none of this comes cheap: The starting price for the system is $1,199 when it's available on the Lenovo website starting next month.

For less money, Lenovo has unveiled another three IdeaCentre AIOs, all also to be released in October. The 23-inch B550 starts at $799, while the 21.5-inch B530 should be cheaper still, though pricing is still TBD. Of course, if you add the fastest processors and max out RAM and hard drive space, these can still cost over a grand.

Finally, the A530 is nearly as pricey as the B750, thanks to its ultra-svelte form factor (a mere 0.8 inches thick at its thinnest point), aluminum cladding, and highly tiltable screen (from -5 to 90 degrees). Like the B550, it features a 23-inch display, though its maximum amount of RAM (8GB) and storage (1TB of either hard drive or solid state) are half that of the B series. The A530's starting price is $1,099 and it looks to be a Best Buy exclusive.

(via Engadget)

Topics: PCs, Hardware, Lenovo

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  • WRONG!

    Argh! Real PC users are struggling with screen height, not width! Wide screens are wide enough, give us back some vertical space, so that we can see more lines of text or code. If it was 2560x1600, I would have been very interested.
    • Well

      I supposed these are not targeted to real pc users then.. More of entertainment Pc users perhaps;-)
      • Wrong Units

        Specs on displays need to be given in Pixels per Inch or possibly some metric unit. If the manufacturers will not give the number then writers should calculate it. That is the only way you can really understand screens. Total number of pixels means nothing but bragging rights. Apple started doing this with retina displays but other manufactures are fixated on 1080 vertical no mater what the display size is.

        I should also note that PPI is often different vertical and horizontal.
  • Better options are available in that price range....

    An iMac is certainly worth consideration if you have that amount of money at your disposal.
    • A touchy subject

      I love Mac hardware, but no touch, means no sale, at this point. Apple needs to get with the program if they want to be competitive.

      I'm trading my Mac Pro (Win 8) for a Lenovo Yoga for this very reason.
      • Touchscreen not essential....

        Touchscreen is Essential for the tablet but not for the Desktop. Can't beat a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.
  • All in ones look nice until they go wrong

    Get a NUC or Brix + Monitor.
    Alan Smithie

    Google my name + my amazon wish list and someone get me this device ASAP!
  • B750

    The B750 doesn't have a touchscreen.
    Michael Rosen