Lenovo profit up 23 percent as mobile grows

Lenovo profit up 23 percent as mobile grows

Summary: PC shipments were flat for the Chinese hardware giant, but sales of mobile devices doubled.

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Lenovo, the world's biggest personal computer maker, says its quarterly profit rose 23 percent as sales of smartphones and other mobile devices doubled.

The company said on Thursday it earned $174 million in the three months ending in June. Sales rose 10 percent over a year earlier to $8.8 billion.

Desktop PC shipments were flat, but sales of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices rose 105 percent. Laptop sales, which account for 52 percent of revenue, rose 4.7 percent.

Research firms Gartner and IDC said Lenovo edged past long-time industry leader Hewlett-Packard last quarter to become the world's biggest PC seller for the first time.

Topic: Lenovo

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  • does anyone know of any mobile devices that Lenovo makes?

    Do they have a flagship device?

    I've never even seen a Lenovo smartphone.
    • Re: does anyone know of any mobile devices that Lenovo makes?

      • Lenovo doesn't sell smartphones in my country

        ...nobody even bothers to import them! LOL.

        I asked do they have a flagship device? I guess not
        • OK... Lenovo has a flagship smartphone.

          I shoulda googled in the first place, haha.

          It's one hell of a flagship. 5.5-inch IPS screen, 13Mp back camera, 2Mb wide-angle front camera, steel alloy body, only 6.9mm thick!

          Intel CPU tho, weird...
  • Even The Last Profitable Windows OEM ...

    ... is making more money from Android now.

    Anybody still doubt this is the post-Windows era?
    • Except you,AHK, SJVN, Matt, nobody believes in Post-PC.

      • Re: nobody believes in Post-PC.

        Notice I didn't say "post-PC".
    • samsung makes 95% of the profits from android devices

      So which companies are making all of this profit you seem to think android delivers?

      You highly over estimate the success OEMs are having with android.
      • Re: samsung makes 95% of the profits from android devices

        Ummm, no they don't--look at Lenovo's figures above. And haven't you heard, even poor old Sony is able to make a profit now, thanks to Android?
  • Other PC OEMs must follow Lenovo

    This is a good wake up call for the morons in HP. Trying to make a $129 malware tablet is not going to cut it.
    • No ! They Must Follow Microsoft........

      And invest the the wonderful Win RT platform that is currently making fortunes for MS.

      It's so good it made MS $900M
      Alan Smithie
      • OOps Missed some text

        $900M poorer.
        Alan Smithie