Lenovo puts Miix 10 Windows 8 convertible tablet on sale for $479

Lenovo puts Miix 10 Windows 8 convertible tablet on sale for $479

Summary: The latest hybrid device from the company runs on an Intel Atom processor and includes 64GB of storage capacity.


Lenovo has fully embraced the convertible format for its Windows 8 devices, making the tablet/laptop hybrid design the basis for its IdeaPad Yoga S, ThinkPad Helix, and ThinkPad Twist portables. Now the new Miix 10 can be added to that list. First announced back in June, the convertible slate is now ready for pre-order on Lenovo's site.

The Miix 10 is a tablet first, using an Intel Atom Z2760 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage to power a 10.1-inch, 1,366x768 IPS touchscreen. In addition to some of the usual tablet specs (built-in webcam, microSD slot, Bluetooth support ), you can also switch the Miix to notebook mode, thanks to an optional case with a built-in keyboard. In that sense, it's similar to Microsoft's Surface tablets, which can make use of the company's Touch Cover and Type Cover cases with integrated keyboards. It also makes it less of a "convertible" than some of Lenovo's other devices, which include both the keyboard and screen and let you swivel the display into tablet mode.

The Miix could be a poor man's Surface Pro. It doesn't come with an Intel Core i5 processor or some of the other niceties of Microsoft's tablet, but it does run Windows 8 and is noticeably cheaper. While the Surface Pro just got a price cut for the month of August, it still starts at $799 for the 64GB version.

Meanwhile, the Miix starts at just $479 -- Lenovo rolling it out with a $120 e-coupon on its website --  though you'll need to tack on an unspecified amount for the keyboard case. Lenovo's site says the Miix 10 will start shipping on August 29.

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  • W8 needs the enterprise

    For those of you with short memories, recall that way back in the 80s, the two consumer "devices" that were hot came from Apple and Commodore. If you were into anything tech back then, you had either of these. In the early days of the internet, it was AOL and Netscape that controlled the web experience. But in the end, it was Microsoft that controlled both of these spaces. They did it by controlling the enterprise. If Windows 8, and more importantly, Windows Metro, take hold in the Enterprise, Android and iOS will slowly fade into the distance. If not, there isn't much hope for W8.
    A Gray
    • hope I、ios...

      is that why MS is arrogant?
      patrick lion
      • hope

        iOS and Andriod have a run on the money。 。。 let them humble the MS。。we need it。。。。
        patrick lion
  • Great price, but

    until I know how much that keyboard case will cost I'm not going to purchase it. And the lack of a trackpad it a bit of a turn off.
    Michael Kelly
  • Lenovo puts Miix 10 Windows 8 convertible tablet on sale for $479

    Wipe the drive and put Linux Mint 15 (Cinn) or Ubuntu-Gnome 13.10 Alpha 2 and you'll have something great for now and into the future.

    End Of Story
    Over and Out
    • Might be tough to do

      It's a 32 bit machine on UEFI. Not too many (if any) Linux distributions can handle that.
      Michael Kelly
    • Are you going to pay

      people to wreck their machines willingly by installing free crap? Good things cost money. Cheapos will never understand that. Okay now that may be unnecessary but may be it is not if you are going to shamelessly trash one OS on a thread dedicated to it and advertise crap because it is free and you think is good enough for you.
      • Shank104....crap is in the eye of the beholder

        Were you by any chance looking in a mirror recently?

        Its a shame my idea is over your head..Go to Distrop Watch and you'll find plenty of Distros that are 32bit and handle UEFI.

        Than you can find your way out of the Windows lock in.
        Over and Out
        • Sure plenty handle 32 bit and plenty handle UEFI

          Now, how many handle both at the same time? And don't just trust some blurb on DistroWatch, try it yourself. I have. Have you?
          Michael Kelly
      • Re: wreck their machines willingly by installing free crap?

        Well, it's still better than non-free crap...
        • Crap is crap and

          if you paid for it is a different issue.
  • Compared to the Surface Pro

    There's actually an important premium feature on the Pro that this device doesn't have:

    Absence of crapware.

    Given all the stuff that's missing from the Lenovo (trackpad, stylus, decent resolution), the Surface Pro is a better choice.

    Of course that's academic. Most of us are waiting for the Haswell versions anyway.
  • With all same features and much cheaper in price is

    Asus VivoTab Smart, which has all the features of Miix and comes under $500 for 64GB.
    Ram U
  • shake out RT。。。waiting for the next processor。。

    MS is left to hold the Rt bag.. it is a small dent for MS.

    let MS do something good for the school children and eat a small humble pie.
    patrick lion
  • 479 Dollars?

    Are they paying people 479 to buy it. That marketing strategy may work for Windows 8
    Tim Tonole
  • the Enterprise needs Windows 8

    A large chunk of my organisation is looking forward to their Windows 8 tablet. Ease of use on the go plus the ability to plug into regular keyboard/mouse/monitor and use as a full desktop. We're just waiting for 8.1 to come out before we roll out HP Elitepads, which are the same spec as the Lenovo model here. Very nice machines. The Elitepad does not have as nice a type cover as the Lenovo, but the HP offers an excellent compact desktop docking station.

    Interested now in how the Miix compares...
  • Lenovo puts Windows8 mixx tablet on sale at 499

    There is a difference between running Windows 8 and running Widows 8 well. if you run one or two Windows programs with an Atom processors most tech site testers say they are Ok. Atom processors can run Microsoft office Ok but will not properly run CAD programs or HD intense
    top level games. The trouble with the Windows 8 or 8.1 OS is it is a full Desktop OS and to run the high level CAD programs and TOP HD GAMES a tablet will need an intel i7 CPU and a good video processing card which raise the price of Windows 8 or 8.1 tablets to hundreds of dollars above the cost of ARMS and ATom CPU tablets. because of this I think Windows 8.1 tablets will sell at a slower rate than Android or Apple Ipads