Lenovo Reach unifies platforms; file streaming, cloud apps to come

Lenovo Reach unifies platforms; file streaming, cloud apps to come

Summary: Lenovo's latest business pitch appeals to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workers, along with those using multiple device types and platforms.


Lenovo has added another latest tick to its to-do list on the company's cloud computing strategy by announcing Lenovo Reach, a secure synchronization service that stores your passwords in the cloud.

The Chinese electronics maker offers "anytime, anywhere" cloud access with one simple password login that allows users to access sites wherever they are from any device using one simple password.

On the face of it, Lenovo Reach is a glorified cloud-based password manager, with the inclusion of a few additional features, such as a free 5GB SugarSync-provided cloud storage unit and a cloud-based search facility for finding files and photos across various storage accounts.

But here's the killer feature: Lenovo Reach delivers a consistent user interface across your various devices — for now it's limited to Windows 7-based machines and Android devices — that simplifies finding files, photos, and other items stored locally or in the cloud. 

Here's what's in store, and how it looks:

Lenovo dubs its cloud feature as the way to "bring it all together." (Image: Lenovo)

Lenovo explains on its website that its focus is on removing the complexity for both cloud users and IT staff, by offering secure access to data and applications without "clogging up the datacenter" or draining IT staff resources.

Next on Lenovo's to-do list includes the ability to share and stream files without the need to store them in the cloud (effectively peer-to-peer sharing), as well as the secure access of applications and services through the desktop browser.

Currently in testing, general availability is slated for later this year.

Cue the obligatory cheesy promo video:

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  • How is this better than LastPass?

    LastPass is GREAT! Why would I want to replace it with a Lenovo thing? How will this help Corp IT. I don't see a benefit.
  • Um... wow...

    Selling computers to Enterprise IT doesn't somehow qualify Lenovo to build a cloud password manager and file management service and say that it will, "bring it all together". I love the overly simplistic graphic though. Not only will it help you find all of your files and photos but it also supports database, application server services and my private cloud! Incredible! And peer to peer file sharing as well! Naturally, I'm sure it is a full featured identity management system with data de-duplication and access control rules as well. Content management without those features would be a silly consumer cloud service but I'm sure that Lenovo is well aware of that. I can't wait to see the in-depth white paper.