Lenovo refreshes business desktops with "Tiny" version

Lenovo refreshes business desktops with "Tiny" version

Summary: Will smaller form factors and touch screens do much to push a Windows 8 enterprise upgrade cycle?

TOPICS: PCs, Hardware, Lenovo

Lenovo refreshed its ThinkCentre business desktop line with a Tiny version, ThinkCentre M93 which is about as tall as a golf ball at 34.5mm (1.35 inches).

The PC maker added the latest Intel Core processors to the line-up. The M93p features a small form factor that can be mounted to a wall, an optional solid state hybrid drive and power saving features. A pro model supports dual graphics and hard drives. Lenovo added that the M93p has the functionality of a mini-tower with half the size.

According to Lenovo, the M93p and M93 starts at $749.

M93M93p_Tiny_Hero_09 (1)


Lenovo is a major enterprise desktop player along with Dell and HP. What's unclear for all of these competitors is how the enterprise upgrade cycle evolves given the popularity of tablets and mobile devices. 

In addition to the M93p, Lenovo rolled out the M93z, an all-in-one with a 23-inch LED display, optional multi-touch screen and Microsoft Lync integration for collaboration. The M93z starts at $1,269 for a touch screen version and $1,029 for a non-touch version.

M93z Touch_hero_22


The ThinkCentre M83, which starts at $699, is a more standard enterprise desktop with solid state drive options.

Topics: PCs, Hardware, Lenovo

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  • Touchscreen on a desktop = oars on a camel

    • Touchscreen on a desktop = wonderful

      ...unless your favourite OS supplier has not yet figure out how to have the same OS with Touchscreen capabilities on their different devices, form desktop to Mobile phone.
      • Perhaps for your kitchen computer

        In enterprise a touch interface on a desktop is just plain dumb.
      • Garbage. Windows 8 is great without a touchscreen.

        Obviously you haven't actually tried to use Windows 8 as your day-to-day OS. The start screen is great without a touchscreen contrary to many ignorant half-assed reports.

        Scrolling is sideways. That's not ideal. But it doesn't take long to get used to that... and having easy pictorial representations of all your favourite apps and functions (hint: pin control panel and documents to start to make your life easier) - it's really a slightly improved version of the regular start menu.

        My home PC is a laptop without a touchscreen and Windows 8, and it's great - very quick.
  • Recent Sizes

    it seems everything has been getting away from the smaller and smaller trend that had been big before. Mobile and tablets seem to be incher bigger and bigger with each release. I have to wonder if this is something people will even have a need for? If it can compete with tablets, well then it may have a chance
  • Yeah. Laptops and tablets are the future

    I went exclusively laptop in my household years ago. This is a space-saver for sure but why bother having anything fixed at all? If you're at work, you have a laptop + large external monitor screen and keyboard, and ideally a docking station. So it's no different from having a desktop - except that you can pick up the laptop and take it with you. Anywhere. meeting rooms, boardroom, home, holiday, wherever.