Lenovo releases ThinkServers for SMEs

Lenovo releases ThinkServers for SMEs

Summary: The two starter servers, which run on Intel's Xeon E3 processors, cost as little as a laptop and are designed for businesses with little or no IT team

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  • ThinkServer TS430

    Lenovo has added two servers to its ThinkServer range. The servers, which are as cheap as laptops, are targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises and contain Intel's latest Xeon E3 processors.

    Each server is designed for a different type of SME. Lenovo has engineered the TS130 ThinkServer for companies with little or no IT staff, and so it is bundled with a range of management software. The TS430 (pictured), is a scalable storage server for larger SMEs, the company said in its announcement on Tuesday.

    Lenovo, better known for its ThinkPad range of laptops, entered the server market in 2008 with the launch of the ThinkServer range. The TS130 and TS430 expand on its line-up of low-cost servers for small business.

    The TS430 supports up to 16TB of Sata or 4.8TB of SAS storage across up to eight hot-swappable drives. It is equipped with Intel's latest range of entry-level server chips — the Xeon E3 series.

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  • ThinkServer TS130

    The TS130 (pictured), is designed squarely for the small business with features such as quick set-up and management software for provisioning tools. In addition, it comes with software for remotely managing the server and has built-in Raid storage. Its tower design means it does not need to be mounted in a rack and so is relatively portable. It provides up to 4TB of Sata storage across two drives.

    Both the TS130 and the TS430 are set to go on sale the end of June. Initial prices will start at $499 (£309) for the TS130 and $699 for the TS430.

    HP also has a low-cost server product for small businesses, the HP ProLiant Microserver. Unlike the ThinkServers, HP's rival product has no optical drive, reducing the number of ways users can install software.

    Photo credit: Lenovo

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