Lenovo rolls out unified cloud platform in North America

Lenovo rolls out unified cloud platform in North America

Summary: It's first such offering from Lenovo after it acquired Stoneware in December 2012.

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This morning, Lenovo announced the North American rollout of what it clumsily calls its "Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer," the unified cloud platform offered by Stoneware before it was acquired by the Chinese tech company in December 2012.

The software comes with thirty end-user software licenses. Lenovo says it will support up to 1,500 when installed on its ThinkServer RD330.

WebNetwork is positioned as a tool for companies looking to support bring-your-own-device, or BYOD, efforts. It manages files, applications and reports through either a customer's private data center, the public cloud or on a local device. It gets its name because all of this is accessible using a web browser and a single password.

Lenovo acquired Stoneware to pair the company's software with its enterprise hardware, and as such, the company is selling the software paired with a ThinkServer server for US$5,575. That price wraps in "upgrade protection" for a year, up to 24 hours of technical consulting and remote installation and 45 days of phone support.

Topics: Cloud, Lenovo

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