Lenovo Yoga in 2 sizes, Lynx, and Twist Windows 8 convertibles coming

Lenovo Yoga in 2 sizes, Lynx, and Twist Windows 8 convertibles coming

Summary: The folks already bringing the ThinkPad Tablet 2 to market will have the flexible Yoga in two sizes, a tablet/laptop dock (Lynx), and an old-school convertible (Twist) available this month.

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Lenovo is bringing four Windows 8 tablet/convertibles to market this month timed to hit when the new OS is launched. The previously demonstrated Yoga, an Ultrabook with a screen that bends back over the keyboard, will appear in both 11.6 and 13.3-inch forms. The Lynx is a thin tablet that has an optional laptop dock for use as a laptop replacement. The Twist is an Ultrabook with a screen that swivels around to cover the keyboard like convertible notebooks of old.

Two flexible Yogas

The innovative Yoga was first shown earlier this year and captured the attention of all who saw it. Basically an Ultrabook with a touch screen that bends all the way forward and back the Yoga can be used as a laptop, tablet, and presentation device.

Yoga 13
Yoga 13

The larger Yoga has a 13.3-inch IPS display (1600 x 900) and weighs 3.4 lbs. It is a mere .67 inches thick making it a true thin and light laptop that can also be used as a tablet. It will be available in either gray or orange and features 10-point multitouch operation. Lenovo is quoting a 7 hour battery life. The Yoga 13 with either a Core i5 or i7 will be available for purchase on October 12 at Best Buy and Lenovo online for delivery on October 26 (Windows 8 launch day). Pricing for the Yoga 13 starts at $1,099.

Yoga 11
Yoga 11

For those feeling the larger Yoga is too big, the Yoga 11 is only 2.8 lbs. with a 11.6-inch display (1366 x 768). It is also available in gray and orange and with the ARM processor is running Windows RT. It packs the Nvidia Tegra 3 inside to drive things along. The power-stingy processor allows Lenovo to quote a full 13 hours of battery life on a charge. The whole bending package is only .61 inches thick. This model sports a 5-point multitouch screen. The Yoga 11 will be available in December starting at $799.

Lynx with optional laptop dock


For those preferring a separate tablet, the Lynx is a slate a mere .37 inches thick weighing 1.41 lbs. The Lynx has the Intel Atom processor (1.8 GHz) so it runs full Windows 8 unlike the Yoga 11. The tablet is 11.6-inches (1366 x 768) and has an optional laptop dock turning it into a full laptop. The tablet and dock weigh in at 2.86 lbs. together yielding a light package for the road. The Lynx is available in gray and will be available in December starting at $599 for the tablet and an additional $149 for the laptop dock. The tablet alone has a quoted 8 hour battery life that extends to 16 hours when used with the dock.

ThinkPad Edge Twist

ThinkPad Edge Twist

Aimed at the SMB/Education market is the Lenovo Twist, a convertible notebook based on an Ultrabook chassis. The 12.5-inch display (1366 x 768) swivels around like convertible notebooks of old to assume a tablet form. The Twist is available with Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors and is 3.48 lbs. It is .79 inches thick making it the thickest and heaviest of the four new convertibles from Lenovo. It has an estimated 7 hours of battery life and Lenovo quotes a 2 second resume time. The Mocha Black Twist will be available October 26 from Lenovo, Staples and other retailers starting at $849.

Topics: Windows, Lenovo, Tablets

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  • How does the Intel-powered Lynx computer cost less

    than the Arm-powered Yoga 11 computer? That doesn't seem to make sense in my opinion.
    Free From Apple
  • Liking the Lynx Lenovo, well done.

    At $750 for an intel based tablet/ultrabook hybrid the price is almost where it should be for this form factor.
    Johnny Vegas
  • Still too expensive.

    As $200.00 Android tablets proved, people want something they can afford. The whole point of getting a tablet that is or can also become a laptop is that it is cheaper and has longer battery life. If we could afford $800.00 or so dollars for such a device then we would be in the class of people who can afford to just buy a $500.00 iPad and also a higher quality laptop.

    Bottom line? The price is still too high.
    • Andriods aren't for productivity

      Many people will argue that you can be productive with an android device, but i see that the operating system fails to have the fluidity and organization to be productive that Apple or Microsoft has put into their operating systems. If you want something that is portable and able to meet your productive needs you will have to pay the price, I am more willing to pay the price after I brought an android tablet for $400. Bottom line you get what you pay for, from my horrible experience with android, I am more willing to fish out the money for one of these devices. They all seem like great ideas, and built for productivity, not for affordability.
      Humayoun Ahmed
  • I have no trouble.....

    seeing a market for these devices. If you need productivity and you also need a tablet with touchscreen access to that environment, I guess these will fit the bill.

    The bigger issue is how big that market is or will be. Most business productivity situations will probably not need both the tablet and keyboard parts, hence a plain tablet, laptop (Ultrabook) or desktop will do. In the home, I think tablets play one of two roles: either as a very simple primary computer for individuals with very simple needs, or, as a secondary consumption device largely disconnected from the a desktop or laptop productivity environment.

    MS historically sold Windows to virtually everyone using a computer, regardless of need. That has now come to an end. it will be interesting to see how this ultimately plays out.
  • Lenovo Yoga in 2 sizes, Lynx, and Twist Windows 8 convertibles coming

    That is some nice hardware and its reasonably priced. The bonus is that it comes with Microsoft Windows 8. Lets see where they sell these, hopefully at best buy so we can play with them.
    Loverock Davidson-
  • still waiting

    So far I haven't seen a WinRT tablet in the right price range. I can understand paying $599 and more for a full blown Win8 laptop or tablet, but I'm actually interested in a low-end WinRT device for media consumption and minimal creation. Not willing to pay more than about $399, and ideally less. So... still waiting.
  • Low price

    I don't think that the yoga will be available for 1099$. Most websites from Europe say something like 1300€.
    Where did you get the information about the price?
  • Lenovo

    Want to make the Twist an incredible seller? Add a truly HD screen close to what Apple or the Kindle Fire HD has and I'd buy one right away, if less than $800. I held one at Staples and these are pretty much light enough to use for reading and such, though not as much as true tablets. I could give up the weight issue, as it would really bring it into a truly duel role of productivity and entertainment. I don't understand why this wasn't a huge part of Lenovo's consideration, as that screen is what "pops" the most when shopping around.