LG announces thin-client monitor range

LG announces thin-client monitor range

Summary: The Smartvine N-series monitors will have thin clients built into them, allowing up to six people to use virtualised desktops running off a single PC

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LG and the thin-client company NComputing are to bring out a range of LCD monitors with built-in virtual desktop computers.

The companies announced their collaboration on the Smartvine N-series range on Thursday. The monitors will have virtualisation circuitry embedded in them, allowing one PC — equipped with an NComputing's X550 PCI card kit and vSpace virtualisation software — to provide virtual desktops for up to six users., or up to 11 with two cards.

NComputing already sells cheap thin clients that can be mounted on the back of Vesa-compliant monitors — the Smartvine series simply builds that functionality into the monitor itself.

The Smartvine monitors can be connected to the host PC with a standard cable, and users can directly connect their keyboards and mice to the monitors.

According to LG and NComputing, the monitors will cost less than $200 (£120) and can help businesses cut down on hardware, maintenance and electricity costs. In addition to their virtualised desktop functionality, they can also be used as standard monitors through their VGA connectors.

Customers in countries outside the US will be able to buy a 16-inch version of the Smartvine monitor, while the US will get 17-inch and 19-inch models. The monitors will go on sale later this month.

LG Smartvine N-series
LG's Smartvine N-series range of monitors will allow up to six users to work off one PC

Topic: Hardware

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