LG Display bringing Retina Display-like resolution to 7-inch tablets, 12.9-inch laptop screen

LG Display bringing Retina Display-like resolution to 7-inch tablets, 12.9-inch laptop screen

Summary: LG can't wait until CES 2013 to spill the beans on its new ultra-high-res mobile screens.

TOPICS: Tablets, Laptops

Since Apple first introduced its Retina Display to the iPhone, it's been an arms race to equip as many mobile devices with ultra-high-resolution screens, whether it's Apple's own or other companies using competing technologies. Don't expect that trend to stop in 2013, as LG Display has indicated in a press release announcing its latest innovations to be displayed at the upcoming CES trade show.

The white-label arm of the Korean electronics giant is mostly touting its new 4K resolution HDTVs, but it hasn't forgotten computer displays as part of next year's rollout. While some 10-inch tablets now match the pixel density of the latest iPads with Retina Display (such as the Google Nexus 10), it hasn't really shown up in 7-inch slates. But LG Display will exhibit a 7-inch display that packs a resolution of 1,920x1,200, which works out to 324 pixels per inch. (In comparison, the new Kindle Fire HD has a resolution of only 1,280×800, and iPad mini has a resolution of 1,024x768.)

With the arrival of the Retina Display to Apple's MacBook laptops, Windows notebooks will continue to get higher-res screens as well. LG Display hopes to oblige with a 12.9-inch laptop display that features a resolution of 2,560x1,700 -- or QSXGA -- which the company points out has previously only been available in 20-inch or larger monitors.

Speaking of desktop monitors, LG Display is also announcing a 23.8-inch monitor panel (under the Neo-Blade code name) with an "ultra narrow" bezel. It will offer a 13.3-inch laptop panel with a bezel that's narrower than 2mm.

While LG Display's announcements are all well and good, consumers will only get really excited when these new displays show up on real products. Given the rush to compete against Retina Display technology, they might not have long to wait.

[Via Engadget]

Topics: Tablets, Laptops

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  • Put this in a ThinkPad

    And then ask me for my money.
    x I'm tc
  • Not a surprise.

    It was somewhat inevitable that 1080p would hit 7" screens. I can't see there being any benefit whatsoever in going any higher though.
    5th element
  • @Sean Portnoy: LG Display will "announce" and "demonstrate", but, most ...

    ... probably, the first to ship Retina-class 7-8" devices will be again Apple, with their March update of iPad mini.
    • apple already beaten

      Nexus 7 got there first.

      • Nexus 7 is nowhere close to Retina

        The subject
        • Nexus 7 is Retina display

          The subject
          • Nexus 7 is nothing like Retina; viewing distance is shorter than for 10" ..

            ... tablets. Though 216 ppi is nothing like Retina even for those bigger tablets.

            And for such small tablets, Retina resolution starts at about 300 dpi.
          • Re: Though 216 ppi is nothing like Retina

            Yet Apple has nothing to compare with it.
    • Come on, Apple just introduced the iPad mini.

      I'm sure those who bought it will be pleased by Apple's March update.

      Remember what happened after the introduction of the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. AAPL market share dropped by 188 billion dollars...

      I wonder why?
      The Danger is Apple
      • Apple will update devices twice a year

        The subject
  • High res displays are

    Meaningless without pixel doubling of the UI elements.
  • A bezel of only 2mm?

    "a bezel that's narrower than 2mm"

    That is so much better than the imac's bezel of 5mm.

    I'm still waiting for someone to come out with a monitor that is lined in razor blades and is advertised as the monitor with a bezel so thin, you could literally kill yourself with it.

    This has gotten ridiculous, all thanks to apple's absolutely crazy fascination with the thickness of a device at its thinnest point.
    • Feel free to explain how Apple's

      fascination with thin bezels forces other companies to copy that design paradigm.
      • Please show us a thin bezel Apple TV...

        Apple doesn't even manufacture any display. They just order them.
        The Danger is Apple
    • Thin

      Please don't use the word thickness when talking about Apple Devices. It's always such and such inches thin.
      • I will find and slap you

        I have been hating that for a long time now... Microsoft or should i say Steven Sinofsky kept saying that... as much as possible... my god it was painful... I think its on the surface site as well but ah well. And Todd while i do agree with you (looking at my 920) Motorola were the first with the Razr, Slvr and theres another one but at least they were the only ones doin it. But yes apple has gone mad with the thin thing... sorry but i want an optical drive because i am not downloading and messing around trying to install 25 gig and more of solid works and autodesk software... also notice i said software... not apps...
  • useless under Win8

    Win8 is not able to properly deal with high-res. It's still not completely "vectorized". From a technical standpoint with regards to high-res flexibility Win8 still stucks in year 2000.
    • Glad you know more than the Windows team

      I mean, they came out and said that Windows 8 would support these sorts of things, the "retina display". But, hey, you know better because you're... errrr.... somebody who said it on a tech blog.

      I'm sure we should all take your word over that of an actual engineer.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • Re: they came out and said that Windows 8 would support these sorts of thi

        But there aren't any Windows 8 apps, people are still running legacy Windows apps.
        • F*****G APPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Apps are for phones.... Windows runs software... like an android emulator, or ps2 emulator or you know games that are 10 gig. Photoshop anyone.... any DJ software... hmmmm you say legacy apps, wow... windows 8 needs Devs to update their software to "metro" where needed.... windows 8 does not need apps.... like the whole "oh theres no twiter or facebook app", I'm sorry but on a real computer since when is any app better or faster than the website... Fav the website, make a shortcut on the desk and a tile... Done... Windows 8 does not need a load of dirt apps (which its already collecting)... The whole point of a windows 8 tablet is to have the power to run decent software not god damn snake thats in the store now... I've seen better games in web browsers 4 years ago