LG Optimus G Pro: An excellent 5.5-inch Android smartphone - gallery

LG Optimus G Pro: An excellent 5.5-inch Android smartphone - gallery

Summary: AT&T's LG Optimus G Pro starts shipping today, and is a good alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Note II. LG improves the specs, and offers some handy utilities, but does not have stylus support.


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  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Back showing speaker, camera, and flash

    Like Samsung's TouchWiz, LG includes its own software layer on top of Android. It is less obtrusive than TouchWiz, and doesn't offer up duplication like Samsung does in too many areas.

  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Large battery, micro SIM, and microSD

    The UI is actually quite good, and gives you some unique customization support, such as the ability to change app icons to different icons or even a photo you select, many custom experience settings, quick side button selection, and more.

  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Narrower than the Galaxy Note II

    LG also includes several utilities, such as QSlide, QuickMemo, QuickRemote, LG Tag+, SmartShare, and VoiceCommand.

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  • Not bad for Android phone: battery life is almost as good as in SGS4

    According to Engadget tests, LG Optimus G Pro can run video in loop with social networks enabled for 7.5 hours.

    SGS4 (in both USA and European versions) achieves 8 hours. HTC One is the weakest: 6.5 hours.

    iPhone 5 can do over 11 hours; only Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx with heavy 3300 mAh battery can live longer (though by only 10 minutes).

    The reason why Android phones are so much less energy efficient is complicated:

    1) Android OS supports unlimited multitasking -- it eats more energy comparing to iOS;

    2) less optimized low level drivers and software due to versatility of platform;

    3) SoC: back in 2008, Apple bought Palo-Alto Semiconductor, which developed unique, award-winning patented technologies that enable chip design with TENS of THOUSANDS blocks of (semi) independent voltage and frequency control -- comparing to just few to tens that regular SoC designs allow. This explains why low-level power consumption tests show Apple A6(X) so much more aggressive in cutting power between short peak loads than any other SoC.
    • It is a trade off

      My last dumb phone got 3 to 4 days of battery life.

      I pick Android over iOS. I would rather deal with the limitations in battery life and/or weight rather than have a slightly better performing OS that is less capable. For example, I would rather watch 7 hours of video on a 5.7 inch screen than watch 10 hours of video on a 4 inch screen. Not that I ever do that.

      That said, you are correct in that it takes a little more experience with how these devices work to own an Android phone instead of an iPhone. I sometimes recommend iPhone to people because I know that they will stick some fart app on an Android phone that sucks up massive amounts of resources and then complain about battery life. iOS won't let that happen.
    • 11 hours on an iphone5

      if the iphone5 really has such awesome battery then why are we seeing iphone5 users complaining about crap battery life and having to charge during the day?
      did Engadget get a special iphone5?
      • Because even the best battery life is worse than people would like

        The point is that other phones have even worse battery life, alas.
        • having compared

          an iphone5, iphone4, galaxy note1, and galaxy note2 on a 3 day camping trip, the iPhone 5 ran out of juice quicker than the other 3 by a long way.
          I just find any tests that shows the iphone5 having greater battery endurance to be misrepresenting the situation in normal usage.
          Ask any iphone5 user, the battery is pathetic.
          • Not correct, according to tests

            Anecdotal evidence does not count.
          • practical usage doesn't count

            but isolated test cases are the true measure of battery performance.
            how can I argue with that?
          • Not isolated at all: they have social networks pinging in background while

            ... you watch the videos. Very much practical testing by the leading IT/gadget resource in the world versus anecdotal evidence.
      • iPhone 5 does NOT have 10 hours of battery life.

        If it did, my co-workers would not be constantly running out of battery during the day. Several are considering a Galaxy Note 2 like mine, specifically because the battery life is about twice what an iPhone 5 gets, and that's with full screen brightness. I've had to rescue co-worker iPhones by emergency charging them off my Note 2 with USB OTG. Now THAT drains battery fast!
      • Your Milage May Vary

        YMMV for short. That's why tests are done in a lab, where all variables are controlled so that an apples to apples (no pun intended) comparison can be made.

        Where are these iPhone 5 owners using their phones compared to other makes/model? Which carriers? Is the cellular signal weak for the iPhone 5 users causing the phone to continuously try to latch onto a signal?

        Yes, we don't live in a lab so the bottom line is if you own an iPhone 5, or any particular phone for that matter, and it's battery performance isn't acceptable switch to something else. (Verizon gives you 15 days after purchase to return it for any reason if you don't like it, not sure if other carriers have that.)
    • Thanks for explaining

      Thank you; I've learned about Android's power issues from your post than from any single post or article I've read.

      Even though I use a brand-name 5000mAH battery, my Galaxy Note 1 is kaput after 14 hours. That might be because I keep 16 to 21 widgets on my home screen.
      • Amoled devices

        screentime is almost always the biggest power usage.
        the best way to reduce power usage on amoled devices is to use dark colour schemes.
        I can almost double my screen time on my Note 1 with a good colour scheme.
  • STOP with the galleries....

    and let us SCROLL!!!
    I don't have time to waste, waiting for the pages to load, etc...!
    We all want to just scroll thru pictures and articles!!!
  • i want to unlock my LG Optimus G Pro

    i want to unlock my LG Optimus G Pro, can you recommend me to buy code from cellunlocker dot net or safeunlockcode dot com is better?