LG shows off Watch Phone

LG shows off Watch Phone

Summary: At Mobile World Congress, LG demonstrated video-calling on its wristwatch-style mobile phone for the first time, in a call to Steve Ballmer

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  • One of the most talked-about gadgets at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was LG's touchscreen Watch Phone, the GD910.

    The company first showed a prototype version of the device last year, and in January this year it displayed the finished version at the CES show in Las Vegas. It was not until Monday, however, that LG showed off the Watch Phone's video-calling facility.

  • The first publicly demonstrated video call on the Watch Phone, which runs a form of Windows Mobile, was made on Monday by LG president and chief executive Dr Skott Ahn.

    The "surprise guest" who received the call was Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer. An hour after the call, the two executives shared the stage at the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5.

Topic: Networking

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  • Still no jet pack, then?

    Someone's been watching too much 70's science fiction.

    I thought that borg-like bluetooth headphones were bad enough. Should I ever meet someone wearing one of these - or worse, using it - I'd feel actutely, horrifyingly embarrassed for them.
  • lol...

    Valad point filthylooker, but to be honest I don't think they is any getting away from looking like a complete twonk using this stuff as it gets smaller, we've already had the funny stairs & looks when walking down the street talking to our selfs.

    Maybe we should just start wearing tight fitting cloths and tuck our trouser's into our socks & bellowing Captains log star date.....

    Beam me up snotty.