LibreOffice patches 93 bugs in software

LibreOffice patches 93 bugs in software

Summary: A new version of the free LibreOffice suite that fixes a range of bugs and regression issues previously present in the software is now available to download.

TOPICS: Open Source

A maintenance update for the LibreOffice word processing software has fixed more than 90 bugs in the software.

The Document Foundation, the organisation behind the free software suite, said the new version (3.6.2) focuses on rectifying issues in the Windows, Mac and Linux builds, with a view to further enterprise adoption.

"The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 3.6.2, for Windows, MacOS and Linux, solving bugs and regressions and further improving the stability of the program for corporate deployments," the Document Foundation said in the blog post on Thursday.

The update fixes a wide array of issues ranging from incorrect word counts to formatting issues in the document and spreadsheet programs. It is available to download now for free from The Document Foundation's website.

Topic: Open Source

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  • LibreOffice patches 93 bugs in software

    Kudos to the LibreOffice Team.
  • If this was Microsoft Office

    Mr. Vaughn-Nicols would be all over it with his propaganda. I wish he would just end his bias. He needs to be enforced to use Windows for an eternity.
  • Hmmm that's weird. I wonder why they only fixed 93 of them.

    Why not 10s of 1000s? Are they waiting for something?
    Johnny Vegas
    • Its a waste of time to answer your question

      as you are known to post and run.

      “Are they waiting for something?”
    • Well, it could be worse

      They could be waiting for you to work out which way is up.

      But no, they are beavering away as is supposed beavers do, and are hence of far more worth to the universe than someone like perhaps yourself.
    • What? Waiting for something?

      @Johnny Vegas, maybe you remember that this is a free product that was made by volunteers, giving up their time so that you can use the product for free. Maybe you should BUY a product from your nearest greedy software and OS provider and see h ow long it takes to get updates (critical, urgent, etc). Really amazes me how people like you demand an awesome product, awesome technical support and rapid updates/fixes and still want it FREE. OH! BTW, since the source code is out there, if you're that desperate, why not go in there and fix the problem. Then pass on the fixes to everybody else. Maybe they are waiting on folks like you to report the problems (have you EVER reported at least one)? Maybe they are waiting for more volunteers-programmers, etc? Are you a programmer? Jeesh, what cojones
      • In other words,

        shut up, Johnny, you're more annoying than a fly...
  • LibreOffice patches 93 bugs in software

    No ZDNet sensational headline like "LibreOffice drops super mega patch consisting of 93 giant flaws!" ?
    Loverock Davidson-
    • There bugs, no vulns, no zero day

      You will have to wait until next week for the bad news.
    • If they do put up a senational headline....

      do you promise to whine and complain (like usual?)
    • kinda

      Kinda surprised the headline wasn't: "Why Libre Office spells doom for Android Tablets." Cause, honestly, half the articles here are about the death of Android tablets (the other half are about how Windows 8 is gonna bankrupt Microsoft).
  • I waiting for software not to need Bugs fixed!

    How is this good? Why can't we just have software that works! Is that to much? I waiting for some company just to make their software faster, leaner, cheaper without having to fix 93 bugs, 231 vunabilities, added 255 new features none which are useful, etc. IS IT TO MUCH!
    • Bugs where fixed

      “How is this good?”

      “I waiting for software not to need Bugs fixed! “
      Will be a long wait.....
    • another one...

      @davidmpaul...if it's too much for your little nerves to handle, why don't you get off your high chair, put on your programming cap and create from scratch something new? Of course it must be 100% bug free, easy to use, compatible with all programs out there, and OH. BTW, when an error is found, make sure to fix it within minutes, release an update so that ALL users are updated....let me know when it's finished. I want to use that program....
  • keep it up Libre team

    for typing a letter LO is fine, but unfortunately I just haven't been able to use it for daily work. I need to be able to trade files with my colleagues and across multiple computers and have all the formatting be right the first time.
    • well, well.... sound like a candidate to start BUYING software instead of using free software. You get what you pay for. Stop complaining and pay big bucks....but if you don't and keep crying, don't complain..
    • I find far more value in the Libre/open office offering

      than the value given by MS Office;

      first one is what is called predictable software: it does what you want to do. MS Office is what is called funny software: always is coming with some unexpected behavior. Copy and paste? kadaboum, a new style appears, from nowhere.

      Open/libre Office gives far more flexibility handling formats, MS forces me to buy a new version to open their new file format.
      And let not get into that think they call the ribbon, alongside Bob, ME and others brilliant "innovations".
    • theoilman

      Tell your colleagues to use open software and get out of the Microsoft lock-up.
    • If you wanted formatting to be correct "first time"

      Then you're bound to be disappointed, unless you use txt, tex and/or pdf.
  • They still haven't fixed the Biggest Bug of All!

    They still haven't fixed the biggest, most annoying bug in LibreOffice: no Android port release date!