Linksys adds enterprise-grade management to SMB wireless access point

Linksys adds enterprise-grade management to SMB wireless access point

Summary: New features simplify setup and administration of multiple access points from a single interface.

TOPICS: SMBs, Networking

Since last October, there have been more than 30 new products launched under the Linksys brand name, which is now owned by Belkin International.

Linksys PRO Dual Band AC Access Point

The latest addition is a Pro Series Wi-Fi access point that brings enterprise-grade features -- such as the ability to management multiple devices from a single interface -- to a product line that is targeted at small and midsize businesses.

The Wireless-AC Dual Band Access Point, which carries a suggested price of $499.99, two Gigabit Ethernet ports and a portal for creating secure guest Wi-Fi access that is separate from the network used internally. The device uses 3x3 802.11ac Dual Band technology with data rates of up to 1,750 Megabits per second (Mbps).

Clustering features enable companies to view, deploy configure, secure and manage up to 16 access points across a network.

The security options supported include Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2), 802.1X Supplicant Authentication, MAC-based ACL, rogue access point detection, and SSID-to-VLAN Mapping.



Topics: SMBs, Networking

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  • Not Consumer

    I think of Linksys as a consumer brand and Cisco as professional. I know they are no longer connected. Before they were connected I thought of them this way. After Cisco bought them it re-enforced the impression. Now they are separate again but I still think of them this way. The fact they are now owned by Belkin also re-enforces this impression. I know it may not be fair but anytime I see a Linksys device for more than $250 I will check out Cisco first.
  • The dimensions of these seem to be pretty large. They are about the size of a small pizza!