Linux Mint 15 KDE now available

Linux Mint 15 KDE now available

Summary: The release candidate for Linux Mint 15 'Olivia' running the KDE desktop is available to download.

TOPICS: Open Source, Linux

The latest version of Linux Mint running the KDE desktop is now available as a release candidate.

Linux Mint 15, code-named Olivia, improves various features of the operating system, which is based on Ubuntu 13.04.

There release introduces the ability to create interactive and animated themes for the log-in screen using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, WebGL. GTK-based and themeable GDM-based log-in panels are also available.

Another addition is a tool for managing software repositories called Software Sources, which replaces software-properties-gtk, and is designed to have a more intuitive GUI than its predecessor.

The new driver manager MintDrivers provides a better looking front-end to make it simpler to manage drivers than it was using software-properties.

Other improvements include Update Manager being given the ability to refresh the APT cache without any user intervention and bug fixes to the Welcome Screen.

The desktop is based on KDE 4.10 desktop environment, which features improvements to the look and security of the desktop via upgrades to Plasma Workspaces, new features for the Kate text editor, KMail and the Konsole terminal, as well as various other enhancements and bug fixes.

Linux Mint 15 running KDE 4.10. Image: The Linux Mint project


Topics: Open Source, Linux


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  • Cinnamon and KDE make a good dual boot setup.
    • Why dual-boot

      when you can simply choose the Desktop Environment from a drop-down list at the login screen?
      Rabid Howler Monkey
      • The desktop environment switch that I believe you are referring to...

        ...was used a while ago when they first started to use Cinnamon. It enabled selections between Cinnamon, Mate, Mate 2 and some other variations. It was handy if someone needed to do production and wasn't familiar with Cinnamon.

        My oldest daugher still is using my Toshiba 16" notebook with Linux Mint 8. I was going to update, but she is happy with it, and even without her running the update manager, it runs great. I think that may have the selection pull down on the login.
      • Switching between KDE and Cinnamon (Gnome)...

        ... to my understanding, is different, and requires a separate install. I don't believe a toggle can switch between KDE and Gnome (Cinnamon).

        I like KDE, but it does take a little getting used to, it's like working with a 3 1/2" framing nailer without the safety mechanism. i.e. sometimes it feels like it's on autopilot. Different, but not necessarily a problem. -- I wouldn't recommend KDE to transition from Windows for someone who may not be really into computers. The Dolphin file manager works a little differently.
  • I have to say I prefer KDE 14 a tad better than either Cinnamon & Mate 15

    in my impression. Nothing really wrong with Mate or Cinn 15, I guess I just prefer the feel of Mint KDE UI. Mint KDE 14 is smooth as silk and every appt works to perfection and will test Mint KDE 15 as soon as it finishes downloading as we speak.
    Over and Out
    • I noticed a slight improvement, it seems slightly faster. (Cinnamon)

    • I believe the codecs for playing and recording commercial DVD's are better.

      Also, the default DVD player was changed to VLC which was a good move.

      I've found K3b to be the best free software for burning media, including creating bootable disks from .iso files. K3b comes with KDE by defualt.

      If you are running Cinnamon (Gnome), you can also install the KDE K3b burner in Gnome from the Software Manager. (fortunately, they made a version that runs on Cinnamon). This is highly recommended especially for making backup copies of commercial 7GB dual layer DVD's.
  • Using it for the past week or so

    I have been on MINT 15 for the past week. It's great. Works pretty well. Occassionaly the panel at the bottom (start button panel) goes missing. Otherwise I did not see any issues. This is not a big problem, all that you may have to do is right-click at the bottom and bring the panel back
    Cinnamon on the other had is awesome. No issues of any kind. Rock solid.
    I am installing KDE version as we speak, to try how it is. I always had issues with KDE fon'ts. Although graphics in KDE is great, KDE fonts are not a standout as is in Ununtu (unity) or Mint (for version 14)
    • It may be set to hidden mode, where you have to hover to make it appear.

  • Also, there's more software selections for 64-bit Mints.

    The Cinnamon 64 bit has 65,000 selections, but the 32 bit is around 35,000.

    I don't think I would bother with 32 bit computers If I could avoid them. Most modern chips are 64 bit anyway. However, some TigerDirect and other clearances adds feature older 32 bit computers.
  • About spending time with the RC...

    If you install the RC and continue running updates with Mint, it will automatically upgrade you to the final release, so you don't have to re-install the final release version.

    I've done it with Cinnamon 15, the final version usually comes out a week or two after the RC.
  • Does everyone notice that Loverock Davidson hasn't arrived yet?

    I figure his Telnet Port is still open and he hasn't finished compiling something or another just I guess we'll have to excuse him for being tardy :-)
    Over and Out
  • Linux Mint 15 KDE now available

    This is awesome. I'm being asked for by name. Thanks for being a fan!
    • Loverock-Davidson...So I see you finally closed your Telnet port

      Did you have a good wank, excuse I mean compile?
      Over and Out