LinuxIT signs SME Linux deal

LinuxIT signs SME Linux deal

Summary: Red Hat has teamed up with the managed-services firm to help inexperienced SMEs towards open source


Red Hat is hoping to tempt more SMEs towards Linux.

The open source vendor has signed an agreement with consulting and managed services company LinuxIT to target SMEs which cite 'lack of experience' as their main reason for shying away from Linux deployments.

The pair have put together some tools, including video tutorials, guiding SMEs through typical tasks using Linux, such as how to set up a print server.

The companies will also be holding seminars to spread the Linux word and giving small businesses the chance to try Red Hat's Enterprise Server.

LinuxIT has previously partnered with Red Hat in the training area, putting a "substantial investment" into Red Hat's training programmes.

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  • This is a content free article about vapourware.

    Quite an achievement.