Listen to music without your ear

Listen to music without your ear

Summary: The tech-savvy Koreans share a new way to hear your favorite songs.


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  • Bone conduction technology allows a person to listen to music through a headphone that does not cover the ear. These headphones send the vibrations that sound makes directly to one's eardrums through the bones, allowing the ear to be left uncovered.

    According to Park Eui-Bong, president of GD Tech Co, which makes such earphones, the technology has been in use in Korea for the last two years.

    Credit: Konrad Foo

  • These headphones called Audio Bones are ergonomically designed not to cause fatigue or reduce one's hearing ability due to prolonged use. Weighing 60 grams, they also provide high quality sound.

    The headphone in the middle is Bluetooth-enabled, which explains its slightly larger design compared to the wired one on the left.

    Credit: Konrad Foo

  • Audio Bone headphones are also waterproof. This allows sporty audiophiles to enjoy their music while they work out. In addition, these headphones do not block the ear, thus making the user aware of his or her surrounding sounds and avoid possible risks.

    Credit: Konrad Foo

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