Lock in your iPhone and iPad trade-ins before prices plummet

Lock in your iPhone and iPad trade-ins before prices plummet

Summary: If you plan on buying a new iPhone 5S or Retina iPad mini at launch on September 10, now's the time to dump your old gear and get top dollar.

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Lock in your iPhone and iPad trade-ins now, before prices plummet - Jason O'Grady

Now that Apple's event has all but been confirmed for September 10, it's time to think about your next hardware move. That is, what you're going to do with your current iPhone and iPad when the iPhone 5S and Retina iPad mini get announced at the rumored Apple event — which is less than a month away.

This chart from NextTrade shows the trend of iPhone and iPad prices after a new Apple product announcement, and it isn't pretty.

NextWorth Average eBay Selling Price Decline for iPhone 4S - Jason O'Grady

I priced my current iPad mini (64GB, Verizon LTE, in perfect condition) and got the following quotes:

Amazon requests that you mail your device in within a week (although its policy allows up to 25 days), but Gazelle and NextWorth offer a more generous 30-day mail-in window.

9to5Mac notes that prices are certain to fluctuate in the run up to September 10 (as in down) and has the comparison charts from the big three buyers above and Gamestop and Best Buy. 9to5 also notes that Mobixa is offering slightly more money than the vendors above, although it's only buying iPhones (not iPads) at the moment.

In short, if you have any inkling of selling your iPhone or iPad next month, it costs you nothing to lock in your trade-in price now. There's literally nothing to lose.

What are you doing with your old iron on September 10?

Topics: Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • But apple doesn't pre announce their products

    Don't bother getting ready to sell your stuff since apple doesn't pre announce their products. apple makes it impossible to know.
  • The prices people pay for used iDevices

    ... it's just insane - a cheaper iPhone will probably sell in huge quantities.
  • I Thought Apple Gear Was Supposed To Keep Its Resale Value?

    And weren't IOS updates for older models supposed to prolong their usefulness and value?

    Or is the Apple platform more fragmented than we were led to believe?
    • Value is a matter of perception

      I for example will only take IOs for evaluation purposes, but would never waste my money on any IOs device.

      In time, as more and more realize how outdated IOs devices are, their value will plummet. The release of the economy model and smartphone trend towards being a commodity product will make their price no different than the competition.
    • What is value to you?

      I have an original Ipod Touch (version 1) and after update 3.3 that was all the updates I got. More than 5 years later, none of the apps can be used on it. No one, with any vendor, should expect a product to be supported after so many years. It still does email great, web browsing ok (though gmail and facebook no longer through with the browser). I was told many times to sell it-that's not the way it works with me. If you are looking at MONETARY (resail) value, then no there is none. But if you are looking at usefulness and durability, then it was a true value-the amount paid for it was worh it. It is still useful, but has no resale "value". I don't mind that-I don't want to sell it.....
    • Compare the resale value to non Apple products

      Then you will see the how the value is kept. Not only do you get offered more, but resellers are willing to purchase older and/or broken Apple products.

      Most companies will still pay you for a 3Gs iphone that is 4 years old. Try getting money for any other 4 year old phone.
      • Great Phones

        I've never owned an iPhone, but I can't deny that each model (except the original*) was a great device for its time. Having said that, anyone willing to buy a 3gs for more than a fiver of their local currency proves the old adage that a fool and his money are easily parted.

        * I excuse the original since it had crippled connectivity compared with many phones available at the time.
        • why no editing?

          Exclude even!
  • Use Glyde

    I use and love Glyde to sell used mobile devices. Just priced your config and it would sell for $455, and you would pocket $402.15. I always get the better price with them.