Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

Summary: A little extra convenience, a little green power-saving and a very nice sleek keyboard make Logitech's K750 fairly environmentally friendly.This thin (7.

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A little extra convenience, a little green power-saving and a very nice sleek keyboard make Logitech's K750 fairly environmentally friendly.

This thin (7.5mm), stylish wireless keyboard is the kind of thing you'd be happy to leave lying around the lounge or out on your executive glass desk but it's more functional than that suggests. The keys are a good size, nicely spaced and with excellent travel and a nice active feel. Most of the keys have a concave dimple that locates your finger well as you type, so even if you don't hit them precisely your finger slides into the key you want rather than off onto the next key. The space bar, Enter, Backspace, Control and other command keys are curved upwards instead, which makes them stand out to the touch. Sleek, stylish… solar-powered

The function keys are very clearly labelled with their secondary functions as media controls and shortcut launchers. The extra-large key for using those secondary options sits to the right of the keyboard where you'd usually find a right-mouse button key; that's a secondary function on the Print Screen key; unusual but not inconvenient.

Above the function keys are what make the K750 convenient and relatively green; twin solar panels that power the keyboard, even in artificial light (the materials are PVC-free and the packaging is completely recyclable - and printed on both sides to save on paper).

The K750 uses the same 'unifying' USB wireless adapter as other Logitech products, so you can have one adapter for both mouse and keyboard. Plug it in and slide the power switch on the keyboard and they keyboard starts working instantly. You're also prompted to install the Solar utility that tells you how much charge the keyboard has and whether the light is bright enough to charge (you can also press the 'check light' button on the keyboard, which lights up a smiling or frowning face).

You don't need a sunny summer to make this work (just as well, then). Logitech says the keyboard will carry on working for three months without needing any light to recharge (and it certainly had a full charge after two weeks sealed in a box). The combination of a CFL bulb and early evening light was enough to generate some charge but holding the keyboard closer to the window registered more than twice as many Lux - and holding it close to a halogen desk lamp registered even more light. That means leaving the K750 on your desk should be all you need to do to keep it charged up almost permanently. The charging power of general CFL lighting, a window in the evening and a halogen desk lamp

Apart from the disappointment that this doesn't have Logitech's ergonomic styling (like the Wave), the only real drawback is the incredibly flimsy legs on the back for lifting it to a better typing angle. Lean on them too hard and we suspect they'd snap right off.

The batteries on wireless keyboards last for a long time, but they usually fail at the most inconvenient time. And by the time they fail, you've probably forgotten that there's a battery in there at all, let alone what kind of battery it is. And while batteries for a keyboard aren't that expensive to replace - compared to the £70 you'd spend on the K750 - given how popular wireless keyboards are becoming, they're going to add up to a larger environmental impact than you might think. Logitech estimates that if everyone switched to solar-powered keyboard it would save 828 million AA batteries per year. En masse, it might make a difference. Individually, a solar-powered keyboard is little more than a convenience; if you're going to get a new wireless keyboard anyway, it might as well be solar powered, and the K750 is an ultra-light, ultra-thin keyboard that looks good, is a pleasure to type on - and just happens to never need a new battery.

Mary Branscombe

Topic: Reviews

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  • @Muhammad - alas, I don't believe the wireless drivers are available for Mac OS; at the time of review Logitech didn't list it as a Mac product
    Simon Bisson and Mary Branscombe