London Olympics: How 1948 compares to 2012, in photos

London Olympics: How 1948 compares to 2012, in photos

Summary: The technology behind the Olympic Games has changed beyond all recognition since the international sporting event was last held in London, more than 60 years ago


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  • Wembley Stadium, home of 1948 Summer Olympics

    The London 2012 Olympic Games begin on Friday. But the UK's capital has been here before: 62 years ago. It hosted the 1948 Olympic Games, dubbed the 'Austerity Games' because they came so soon after World War II.

    See how the infrastructure behind the international sporting event has changed in six decades, in this comparison of the 1948 Games to London 2012.

    Above is Wembley Stadium — a scoreboard in particular. In 1948, 82,000 people filled this now-demolished venue for the start of the Summer Olympics.

    Image credit: BT Heritage

  • Olympic Stadium, home of the 2012 Summer Olympics

    This is the new Olympic Stadium in the Olympic Park to the east of London. It has a capacity of 80,000, and will host the £27m 'Isles of Wonder' opening ceremony on 27 July.

    Image credit: London 2012

  • Wembley Post Office Press Room

    Getting the Olympic news out to the world is always a big job – here's Wembley's press enclosure in 1948.

    Image credit: BT Heritage

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