London's Science Museum links tech history

London's Science Museum links tech history

Summary: The Science Museum in London contains an array of fascinating and famous tech, and ZDNet UK looks inside the museum's collection

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  • Pascal's calculating machine

    The London Science Museum's collection spans technology throughout history, from medical equipment and computers to rockets and steam engines. ZDNet UK takes a look at some of its most significant objects — large and small, everyday and out of this world.

    Pascal's calculator
    The device above is an exact replica of Blaise Pascal's calculator. Pascal (1623-1662) was one of France's most celebrated mathematicians. A child prodigy, inventor, philosopher and Catholic theologian, he built this device when he was just 19 to help his tax-collector father with his figures.

    The Pascaline calculator uses a stylus to move the wheels, which can handle numbers up to 999,999.999. The device was one of the world's first mechanical adding machines, but was too expensive to mass-produce at the time.

    Photo credit: Science Museum

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  • Galileo's telescopes

    Galilean telescopes
    The telescopes above are replicas of ones made by Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) in 1610 after he heard of the invention of the telescope in Holland. With refinements to the design, Galileo went on to make a string of astronomical discoveries, from landmarks on the moon to sunspots and the moons of Jupiter. These were famously incompatible with Catholic cosmology: the church finally apologised in 1992 for forcing Galileo to recant his conclusions.

    The Science Museum's replicas were made in 1923 at the Museo di Fisica e Storia Naturale in Florence, Italy, where the originals are still kept.

    Photo credit: Science Museum

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