Lotus Notes heads to Nokia S60 phones

Lotus Notes heads to Nokia S60 phones

Summary: IBM and Nokia have said that, from next month, a raft of S60 3rd Edition devices will be able to access corporate email via Lotus Notes Traveler

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Support for IBM's Lotus Notes email software is coming to Nokia S60 phones.

The two companies said a raft of S60 3rd Edition devices, including the E71 and N95, will be able to access corporate email from next month via Lotus Notes Traveler.

The software will also provide access to calendar, address book, journal and to-do-list data, the two companies added.

Soren Petersen, senior vice president at Nokia, claimed the collaboration means nearly 90 percent of business email can be mobilised with Nokia devices, without any additional servers, middleware or licences.

According to Nokia, more than 80 million S60 3rd Edition devices had been shipped globally by the end of July 2008.

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In October, Nokia announced a change to its business mobility strategy, saying it would stop developing and marketing its own offerings and instead seek to partner with enterprise vendors.

Topic: Mobility

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