Lunatik TAKTIK cases for iPhone 5s

Lunatik TAKTIK cases for iPhone 5s

Summary: Need some extra peace of mind for your mobile device with your extreme lifestyle? Then the Lunatik TAKTIK may be the case for you.


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  • Lunatik TAKTIK Strike for iPhone 5s (White)

    Lunatik has recently updated their ultra-protective enclosures for the iPhone 5s. Here we have the TAKTIK Strike in what I'd like to call "Stormtrooper White" which I think really gives the phone a snazzy two-tone science-fictiony look, particularly when combined with the black machine screws and silcone rubber. The TAKTIK Strike is $60 in either white or the classic black color.

  • Lunatik TAKTIK Strike for iPhone 5s (White)

    The rear of the TAKTIK Strike and TAKTIK Extreme which has been altered for the alignment of the iPhone 5s camera and flash.

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