Lunatik TAKTIK cases for iPhone 5s: Extreme peace of mind

Lunatik TAKTIK cases for iPhone 5s: Extreme peace of mind

Summary: Lunatik has issued updated versions of its ultra-protective, extreme lifestyle cases for the iPhone 5s.


Anyone who follows this blog knows that I am a huge fan of protective cases for mobile devices. Recently, I looked at OtterBox's latest Defender case designs for the iPhone 5s and 5c.

While I still believe that OtterBox is one of the better cases on the market, recent design changes in the product to accommodate the Touch ID sensor in the new iPhone 5s may have reduced the effectiveness of some of its protection.

So if you really want to add a little bit more fudge factor to your active lifestyle and increase your peace of mind when carrying these expensive devices, there's another solution on the market: The Lunatik TAKTIK.

Lunatik has two cases on the market to address active as well as extreme lifestyles. The TAKTIK Strike, for both iPhone 5s and iPhone 5, is a multi-layered, machine screw-sealed and thick "sarcophagus" enclosure for your mobile device.

The bezels are made out of an impact-resistant polymer, which is surrounded by a silicone, 9mm-thick impact truss, accompanied by PVD-coated steel hardware with aluminum port covers. This is a case designed to take the rigors of daily use and abuse and then some.

What I most like about the case is the tight fit from screwing the enclosure shut, as well as the high elevation of the bezel from the screen area, which is critical for protecting the screen from damage if it happens to fall flat towards the display area. At $60 for both the white or black versions, I happen to think the price is right for what you are getting, which is a lot of peace of mind for an otherwise fragile and slippery device.

Unlike the OtterBox Defender, the TAKTIK Strike does not have a permanent screen protector, but I don't think this is a major deficiency in the product's design.

For those of you with "extreme" lifestyles, there is the TAKTIK Extreme for the iPhone 5s and 5, which adds a secondary layer of Corning Gorilla Glass. This doubles the price of the case ($124) and it also, in the case of the 5s, completely covers the Touch ID sensor, leaving it usable as a home button only and thus requiring the traditional pin-code screen unlock and password entry for App Store purchases.

However, my guess is that anyone wanting to use this case on a 5s probably doesn't care about this issue.

Have you pre-ordered your TAKTIK Strike or Extreme for your iPhone 5s? Talk back and let me know.

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  • Do not buy!

    I bought then Lunatik Taktik for the iPhone 5 and it is horrible. There were rainbow effects between the case glass and phone display. The "ballistic" case is plastic that is so easily scratched my fingernail left marks. The case looked rough after a few weeks of very light use. When dust manages to get inside the case it's a royal pain to take the case apart to clean it. I can't urge people enough to stay away from their products.
    • It is also very dock unfriendly

      You won't be able to hook this thing to any docking device. That thing adds about 1" to the height and width of the iPhone.
  • don't buy for full price anymore..

    i made the mistake of buying my lunatik cover for full price listed at the website. 2 days later i show the cover to my friend and he asked me if i used the 20 % lunatik promo code that you can find on the internet. of cause i haven't heard about it so yeah.. bumped me out.. anyway my brother bought some stuff now and he used the code and got 20% off everything he bought at here is the link to the site that promotes it: