Lure of the iPad Air

Lure of the iPad Air

Summary: Apple's new iPad Air has a lot going for it, and there's one thing in particular about it that's calling my name.

TOPICS: Mobility, iPad, Tablets
iPad Air light
(Image: Apple)

When Apple unveiled the iPad Air I was impressed, but found no compelling reason to buy one. My iPad 4 is still a great tablet for both work and play, and I'm invested in accessories for it that would not work with the newest iPad. As good as my current iPad is, the longer I think about it there is one feature that has me leaning to buy the iPad Air.

That feature can be summed up in one word: pound. As in, the iPad Air weighs one pound. Yes, it's thinner and faster than my iPad 4, but it's that impressive weight that is calling to me. 

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I've used dozens of tablets from many vendors and running all the platforms. I use them heavily for all the typical tablet functions, and I've been known to use tablets for my work. As similar as I find all tablets for my purposes, one physical aspect rises above all the others.

I am a firm believer, based on heavy usage, that tablets must be as light as possible. They are used in the hands and weight is a significant factor in determining if the user experience is good or not. That's why the one pound weight of the iPad Air is a very big deal.

My iPad 4 is a relative porker when compared to the iPad Air. The newest iPad weighs little more than the iPad mini, while providing a bigger screen. That's like getting more with little weight penalty, and that's got me seriously considering a new iPad.

I like both my iPad mini and Galaxy Note 8.0, and a big reason why is the light weight. They are comfortable to hold for long periods, and why I often carry one or the other over the iPad 4.

The iPad Air is only slightly heavier than those smaller tablets. I suspect if I had an iPad Air I would bring it with me most of the time for the bigger screen. It would make functions like watching video and surfing the web better than with the smaller tablets.

I doubt I'm the only one considering an iPad Air given the weight. Tablets are always better when they are lighter, so the iPad Air is calling my name. I have a feeling I won't be able to hold out much longer.

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Topics: Mobility, iPad, Tablets

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  • Seriously though how long do you think youll have to wait for 1lb

    android or W8 tablets? My guess in not long. Save yourself $200, or more if you want to pack a decent amount of ram into it. Btw the Dell Venue 8 Pro weighs 0.87lb and you get stylus support.
    Johnny Vegas
    • Why

      Why wait? This one is here now.
    • Experia Z

      Has been out for a long time and heights around the same as the iPad air..
      • 5" vs 10"

        Need I say more.

        If u think they are the same then I had a sports car to sell you.
        • Except...

          They were pretty clearly referring to the Xperia TABLET Z which has a 10.1 inch screen, but still only weighs 1.09lbs compared to 1.05 for the LTE iPad Air. Not to mention its also 6.9mm thick compared to 7.4.
    • Did u comprehend the article

      He said he is considering the 10" tablet because for much not much more weight you get double screen real estate.
      The Dell is half the screen size and has a plastic creaky casing to boot!!!
    • Te size is why he want's it

      How many near 10" tablets weigh a pound? Microsoft Surface? No, it weighs 1.5 pounds. Surface Pro 2? Again No, it weighs 2 pounds, So Microsoft is out of the Competition. How about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and the Google Nexus 10, they're getting closer at 1.18, and 1.33, respectively. Now with the iPad, and Android tablets you have something the Microsoft offering lacks, Apps.
      I hate trolls also
  • Go for it James

    Really, do it. Do it now. This is very, very important.
  • Still too heavy

    The best consumption device is coming soon
  • How long do you think you'll wait for Air-Gestures? Not long.

    Do your-self a favor and get rid of greasy finger gesturing; buy a laptop/Mac with a keyboard for typing and mics/cameras that interpret your commands without a touch screen. Touch screens are to GUIs as punched-tape was to punched-cards.
  • No wrist strength whatsoever... Get some exercise

    I don't get why guys want a lighter tablet. Instead of waiting for a few ounces lighter tablet it would be better to join a health club and build up your wrists and the rest of your body. A guy weeping over few ounces of extra weight is just freaking sad. Spend a couple of weeks doing wrist curls and hand-grip exercises and you won't even care or notice a few ounces of weight added or subtracted. I can understand some petite female or little tot griping about how heavy some slim tablet is, but a guy of decent weight and health shouldn't have a problem with something like that. Humans are just getting too damn lazy for their own good. Listening to a complaint like this is rather embarrassing for a guy to hear. Jeez.
    Steffen Jobbs
  • There is one other iPad Air feature that will appeal to you, James

    AnandTech reports that the iPad Air can function as a LTE Hotspot for 24 hours.
    • Wow

      That is just awesome, and just what I have never wanted!
  • Nook HD+ - 9 inch 1920x1280 screen - 1.0 lb - $150

    So forgive me for wondering what all the hullabaloo is about. The iPad used to be an overweight brick, and now it's not. Plus most people will end up putting their precious fragile investment in some kind of case and that thin and light thing - not so much anymore. The HD+ has plastic corners and doesn't need a protective case.

    Yes the Nook HD+ is no high end speed demon. But I put CM10.1 on it and it's pretty dang good.
  • Ipad air for sure

    I have the ipad 3.It has become my most used device.I just ordered the 128 gb ipad air.I considered waiting for the mini with retina but what for?The ipad air is so wonderful and light.The decision was easy and I await delivery from Apple.My ipad 3 which I am currently using will go to a deserving family member.Embrace the new!Move forward!
  • New iBoooks for the iPad Air

    Great new iBooks for the new iPad. Fun, educational and a great addition to any digital library